My Primary Motivation is Support and my Secondary Motivation in Recognition. ¬†Support is helping others so helping them make positive decisions and being with then through difficult times. Recognition is being recognized for a good thing you have done to help others. Motivation can be even motivating yourself by setting a goal for you to accomplish throw out a certain period of time or even just life in general, for example my goal for volleyball season is to get all my serves over during a tournament and even in practice, if I work my hardest and take time to perform to the best of my ability I will have a greater chance of accomplishing this task. ¬†Motivation is a key part in a person’s life, if your not motivated you will not go anywhere with you life, you will probably end up living in your parents basement watching T.V all day eating chips and pop which is opposite of what a motivated person would do. If you were motivated you would be getting a degree in some type of subject to be able to complete what you want to do for the rest of your life and eating healthy and only occasionally sneaking a treat. You can move mountains if you stay motivated! Recognition the reward you receive when you help others and say motivated, like in middle level you get recognized for your great efforts and participation in class work and you willingness to help others for example this is one of the thing that recognition is. Being able to exceed expectations of those around you is a way to get recognized by your peers. Recognition is also known as a form of acknowledgement of something like if your a professional piano player you will most likely get acknowledged and if you are a student that uses post it notes to stay organized and jot notes down during class discussions to remember things, you would probably get recognized for that by your teacher.

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