Commandments of the Church

The Commandments of the Church are a set of rules that you must obey if you are a true follower and believer in the Lord. These rules state that you must always participate in Holy days and other events of the Lord whenever they are happening, such as :

  • Receiving the Eucharist at least once during the Easter season.
  • Confessing your sins at least once a year.  
  • Helping fill the needs of the church.
  • Attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation.
  • Observing the days of fasting and abstinence(from meat, but not fish) established by the church.

Now a days we have 5 Commandments of the Church but in the earlier days(1400’s) there was many more, some are similar to the ones we have know and some are different, such as:

  • Observing certain feasts.
  • Keeping the prescribed fasts.
  • Attending Mass on Sundays and Holy days.
  • Confessing once a year.
  • Receive Holy Communion during paschal time.
  • Pay tithes.
  • Abstain from any act upon which an interdict has been placed for excommunication.
  • Refrain from any act interdicted under the pain of excommunication.
  • Avoid association with the excommunicated.
  • Not to attend Mass or other religious functions celebrated by a priest living in open concubinage.

Although there were lots of the Commandments of the Church in the 1400’s, there were fewer as the years went by. In the 1500’s there was only four, these commandments were:

  • To fast at certain prescribed times.
  • Pay a tithe.
  • Go to confession at least once a year.
  • Receive Holy Communion at Easter.

The Holy Days of Obligation

  • All Sundays of the Year
  • January first- The Feast of Mary
  • 40 Days After Easter Sunday- Ascension Thursday
  • August 15-Assumption of Mary
  • November 1- All Saints Day
  • December 8-The Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • December 25- Christmas

The two Holy Days of Obligation that do not fall on a Sunday are:

  • Christmas on December 25 and The Solemnity of the Mother of God on January 1.
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