On the Sidewalk Bleeding: Who Am I?

My name is Mia Westergaard. I am a unique human being because I am my own person, I love to bake and try new things even if I’m 99% sure it won’t work, I’m not scared to get dirty, and I love helping my dad muck out dirty stalls in the barnyard. I think other people see me as a kind, outgoing girl who likes her opinion to be heard. I want people to see me as a girl who loves to spend time in the barn or outside with animals, or even in the kitchen baking. I want people to be able to look at me and think she seems nice! I love myself because I am a very outgoing person who loves to help and volunteer. I have many talents and strengths like baking and speaking in front of large groups after I graduate from high school I want to become a teacher. I like myself because I have such an upbeat and happy personality but also because I challenge myself.


I love to volunteer and help others in my community whenever I can. I have been a member of the Vermilion 4-H sheep club for 7 years, in those years I have had the marvelous opportunity to grow as a person and participate in many activities. In 4-H we do a big volunteer activity for the year, the common activities that are done are hi-way cleanup and tire recycling but my club found a new activity we set up and take down a community supper. I do more volunteer activities as well since my dad is the vice president of the Ag society I volunteer to set up the fairgrounds before the fair every year and I also help clean up and take down every year. I also am apart of the senior high student council at St.Jeromes and help plan and organize events, having all of these different ways to volunteer keeps me busy but sheep keep me busier.


Growing up on a farm has given me many experiences kids don’t get often, I have had the opportunity to start my own sheep flock. In 2017 my family participated in The All Canadian Classic in Red Deer Alberta I was waiting until we had to show our sheep and was asked if I would want to help show a North country Cheviot for one of our family friends and I said yes and instantly loved the animal. At the end of the show, there was a sale and I bought that ewe and that’s how it began. One month after we were back from the Classic my dad got a call from a guy named Warren Moore who finds people to buy sheep when the previous owners are trying to get out of the sheep business. Warren told my dad about a lady that was moving into a home that wanted her sheep sold and my dad being a spender said he would take them, so $2500 later I have 12 more ewes. In later months we got a ram and started breeding and know I have 20-25 head and more to come in this lambing season and more to come!


During Lambing season we have waffles and pancakes a lot and most of the time made by me. My dad wakes up ever 1-2 hours to check the sheep for 3 and a half months, so me making breakfast every weekend is a big help. I don’t only bake during lambing I bake year round, if you can name it I can bake it, I find baking a great way to relieve stress and escape from the world every now and then and take time to do what I love. I bake new things every time I grab the mixer, just recently I made macarons and those things are tricky to tackle but anything is possible if you believe you can do it. Aside from baking, I cook dinner every now and then, I cook chicken the most using different recipes and other times I cook pizza because who doesn’t like pizza? Cooking is one of the many things I enjoy spending my time doing.


My life is very eventful there is always a new challenge to be completed or goal to reach I really couldn’t ask for a better life. I volunteer my time where it is needed instead of being a lazy couch potato, I do things I love like spending time with animals and baking. If it weren’t for my parents I wouldn’t be who I am today and the opportunities I have gotten I wouldn’t have. My life is the best as it gets in my opinion because I’m happy, healthy, and have many people who love me in my life.