Leaving Home

One of the biggest transitions a teenager goes through is leaving for home while headed to post-secondary. When my time comes to start the new chapter of my life I think I will be feeling may different new emotions. I will be feeling scared and alone but happy and excited too as I will be experiencing new things and meeting new people. One of the biggest challenges for me will most likely be the big crowds and the loss of my safe space, to cope with these challenges I will need to teach myself how to take in all the people without panic and learn how to make something new feel like mine. I believe that if I get a good routine and stay with it I will be able to keep my nervousness down to a minimum. When kids live at home they are very dependant on their parents and when they leave they are lost and unsure what to do with themselves. I am confident in myself that I will be very well off when I go to post-secondary. One of the main reasons why this thought is in my mind is that I have been raised in a way where I need to do things for myself like making meals and completing challenging tasks successfully. Although I seem to get into my head a lot and bring myself down by thinking less of my abilities, I know I will be able to keep challenging myself and have a successful out come at least 50% of the time. I’m not a perfect person but I am able to over come challenges I put on myself which will help me with post-secondary. Having this ability gives me good hopes for myself and relieves some of my stress about continuing on with my education. I am a sociable person and am usually good in large groups and I’m not afraid to talk to or interact with others but sometimes I do seem to let my nerves get the best of me and I freeze. 4-H has been a large apart of my life for the past 9 years has helped me stay calm and have the social skills I do today. When I was 7 I had no idea how much 4-H would impact my life and help me potentially have a higher chance of being accepted into the college or university I want to go to. Now that I’m older and am closer to graduating and starting the second chapter of my life I understand the impact it has had on me and everything it has helped me accomplish.

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