Father Mike Schmitz, The meaning of “I love you”

In the Father Mike videos we watched and evaluated, The Meaning of “I Love You” is the one that I feel I learned the most about. Father Mike talks about how the meaning of “I love you” is based on a decision to will the good of the other meaning that it is important to see and know what is good for the person. Speaking from a personal point of view when someone is in pain you want them to feel better, for example, my papa had cancer, and the treatments he had caused him an enormous amount of pain so when I would go to see him I wanted him to feel better. He was relieved of his pain and God brought him home, that’s love. Not only did I know what was best for him but so did God. In the video a few types of love were discussed Storge (empathy love) and Philia (close friendship) were the types I felt were the most important, agape was also mentioned (which is the highest form of love).

“The human being is not just a ghost in a machine but a soul body”, and “the human being was created by God for their own sake” both of those phrases were said by Father Mike when he began his discussion about the true meaning of “I love you”. These points can be connected because they point toward the idea that you are loved all the time by God.

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