Father Mike Schmitz “Do All Good People go to Heaven?”

Father Mike talks about whether or not all good people go to Heaven. Throughout the video he describes four points that will help you get closer to entering and the points that follow show us how we can obtain the chance to enter. The four points that lead us to heaven are Baptism, The Eucharist, Profess the faith, and do the will of God. Father Mike also says that Heaven is not a prize so yes we can get there but wouldn’t you feel better getting there if you actually worked for it? Father Mike says that no matter what we are not left alone, there is no one that God doesn’t want and that God isn’t actively calling. We are born with a tendency to go down the path that leads to destruction, but we strive to get to the narrow gate so we can enter Heaven after death. Many people spend their whole lives trying to get to heaven by doing good things to be good people because of the stereotype the good people go to Heaven. At the end of the video I took the understanding that anyone can go to Heaven if you follow the four points given to us by Father Mike that he took from the gospel.

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