Father Mike Schmitz “Do All Good People go to Heaven?”

Father Mike talks about whether or not all good people go to Heaven. Throughout the video he describes four points that will help you get closer to entering and the points that follow show us how we can obtain the chance to enter. The four points that lead us to heaven are Baptism, The Eucharist, Profess the faith, and do the will of God. Father Mike also says that Heaven is not a prize so yes we can get there but wouldn’t you feel better getting there if you actually worked for it? Father Mike says that no matter what we are not left alone, there is no one that God doesn’t want and that God isn’t actively calling. We are born with a tendency to go down the path that leads to destruction, but we strive to get to the narrow gate so we can enter Heaven after death. Many people spend their whole lives trying to get to heaven by doing good things to be good people because of the stereotype the good people go to Heaven. At the end of the video I took the understanding that anyone can go to Heaven if you follow the four points given to us by Father Mike that he took from the gospel.

Father Mike Schmitz, The meaning of “I love you”

In the Father Mike videos we watched and evaluated, The Meaning of “I Love You” is the one that I feel I learned the most about. Father Mike talks about how the meaning of “I love you” is based on a decision to will the good of the other meaning that it is important to see and know what is good for the person. Speaking from a personal point of view when someone is in pain you want them to feel better, for example, my papa had cancer, and the treatments he had caused him an enormous amount of pain so when I would go to see him I wanted him to feel better. He was relieved of his pain and God brought him home, that’s love. Not only did I know what was best for him but so did God. In the video a few types of love were discussed Storge (empathy love) and Philia (close friendship) were the types I felt were the most important, agape was also mentioned (which is the highest form of love).

“The human being is not just a ghost in a machine but a soul body”, and “the human being was created by God for their own sake” both of those phrases were said by Father Mike when he began his discussion about the true meaning of “I love you”. These points can be connected because they point toward the idea that you are loved all the time by God.

Father Mike Schmitz “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering” Video

In the video “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering” by Father Mike Schmitz he explains that suffering has power and a meaning behind it because God is behind everything. Father Mike goes into detail about how there are two types of evil in the world; Physical evil(death) and Moral Evil(human actions). One of the things that really stood out to me was when Father Mike said something along the lines of “God created the world good but we broke it and brought evil into it, but he allows us to do and be evil so we have freedom.” Throughout the whole video many points and short explanations were thrown at us as reason to gain an understanding of why God allows suffering in people who don’t deserve it. We have the freedom and ability to choose good but we also have that ability to choose evil. Everyones suffering matters because we have feelings and awareness, and it is okay and normal to suffer at times throughout your life because evil will surprise you at unexpected times gracing you with the presence of grief. In my opinion we can take away from the video the fact that suffering is all around us, even the body of Christ feels pain because there are things that are in pain and suffering around it, we can also understand that all suffering is important and nothing given to God is or ever will be wasted.

Leaving Home

One of the biggest transitions a teenager goes through is leaving for home while headed to post-secondary. When my time comes to start the new chapter of my life I think I will be feeling may different new emotions. I will be feeling scared and alone but happy and excited too as I will be experiencing new things and meeting new people. One of the biggest challenges for me will most likely be the big crowds and the loss of my safe space, to cope with these challenges I will need to teach myself how to take in all the people without panic and learn how to make something new feel like mine. I believe that if I get a good routine and stay with it I will be able to keep my nervousness down to a minimum. When kids live at home they are very dependant on their parents and when they leave they are lost and unsure what to do with themselves. I am confident in myself that I will be very well off when I go to post-secondary. One of the main reasons why this thought is in my mind is that I have been raised in a way where I need to do things for myself like making meals and completing challenging tasks successfully. Although I seem to get into my head a lot and bring myself down by thinking less of my abilities, I know I will be able to keep challenging myself and have a successful out come at least 50% of the time. I’m not a perfect person but I am able to over come challenges I put on myself which will help me with post-secondary. Having this ability gives me good hopes for myself and relieves some of my stress about continuing on with my education. I am a sociable person and am usually good in large groups and I’m not afraid to talk to or interact with others but sometimes I do seem to let my nerves get the best of me and I freeze. 4-H has been a large apart of my life for the past 9 years has helped me stay calm and have the social skills I do today. When I was 7 I had no idea how much 4-H would impact my life and help me potentially have a higher chance of being accepted into the college or university I want to go to. Now that I’m older and am closer to graduating and starting the second chapter of my life I understand the impact it has had on me and everything it has helped me accomplish.

The Rutherford Scholarship

The Alexander Rutherford Award was created in honour of Alexander Rutherford who was Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. The purpose of the award is to recognize senior high students and the hard work they put into their studies encouraging them to continue on to post-secondary. To be eligible for the award you must have your official high school transcripts and be enrolled full time in post-secondary studies. Some of the requirements is an average of 80% or higher in grade 10,11, and 12. One of the downfalls is after you apply and receive the award you might not get it again, but if you do receive it you can receive up to $2500 that you put toward you secondary tuition.

My Favourite Hobbies

Throughout my life I have come across many different activities I can’t get enough of! My top three favourites are: volleyball, spending time with my sheep, and cooking/baking.

Being able to play volleyball helps me gain technical skills that can help me with other activities that use hand eye coordination. Each skills builds to another increasing my athletic abilities. Being able to be on the court allows me to enter my zen and focus on my true passion, being able to show my strengths, physical and mental, through something I love helps me gain further skill and confidence that will help with future events.

Not only fluffy friends but a good college fund too! Spending time with my sheep allows me to enter an environment filled with peace and tranquility allowing me to clear my mind of the days stress. One of my favourite things about having sheep as one of my top hobbies is seeing all of the babies in the spring bouncing around under the sun. Seeing the lambs running and playing reminds me of what is possible in nature and the beauty the lies in front of us every day. Sheep are cool and they make me happy.

The fresh scent of the cinnamon coming from the carrot cake as it bakes in the oven is my favourite part of having a love for baking. For me baking is like having a scented candle lit for hours so it’s strong enough to fill the house but the smell doesn’t end up making you want to puke, and you get tasty treats out of it! I have always loved being in the kitchen and creating new flavours and trying to make desserts the seem near impossible to create and is an easy way to challenge myself. Baking is another hobby that allows me be alone with my thoughts and take a break from society and screens, its also a good way to make friends because people like food!

These three hobbies are what I feel make my life less dull than it already is.Buy Mikasa Super Composite Volleyball Online | Marchants.com

On the Sidewalk Bleeding: Who Am I?

My name is Mia Westergaard. I am a unique human being because I am my own person, I love to bake and try new things even if I’m 99% sure it won’t work, I’m not scared to get dirty, and I love helping my dad muck out dirty stalls in the barnyard. I think other people see me as a kind, outgoing girl who likes her opinion to be heard. I want people to see me as a girl who loves to spend time in the barn or outside with animals, or even in the kitchen baking. I want people to be able to look at me and think she seems nice! I love myself because I am a very outgoing person who loves to help and volunteer. I have many talents and strengths like baking and speaking in front of large groups after I graduate from high school I want to become a teacher. I like myself because I have such an upbeat and happy personality but also because I challenge myself.


I love to volunteer and help others in my community whenever I can. I have been a member of the Vermilion 4-H sheep club for 7 years, in those years I have had the marvelous opportunity to grow as a person and participate in many activities. In 4-H we do a big volunteer activity for the year, the common activities that are done are hi-way cleanup and tire recycling but my club found a new activity we set up and take down a community supper. I do more volunteer activities as well since my dad is the vice president of the Ag society I volunteer to set up the fairgrounds before the fair every year and I also help clean up and take down every year. I also am apart of the senior high student council at St.Jeromes and help plan and organize events, having all of these different ways to volunteer keeps me busy but sheep keep me busier.


Growing up on a farm has given me many experiences kids don’t get often, I have had the opportunity to start my own sheep flock. In 2017 my family participated in The All Canadian Classic in Red Deer Alberta I was waiting until we had to show our sheep and was asked if I would want to help show a North country Cheviot for one of our family friends and I said yes and instantly loved the animal. At the end of the show, there was a sale and I bought that ewe and that’s how it began. One month after we were back from the Classic my dad got a call from a guy named Warren Moore who finds people to buy sheep when the previous owners are trying to get out of the sheep business. Warren told my dad about a lady that was moving into a home that wanted her sheep sold and my dad being a spender said he would take them, so $2500 later I have 12 more ewes. In later months we got a ram and started breeding and know I have 20-25 head and more to come in this lambing season and more to come!


During Lambing season we have waffles and pancakes a lot and most of the time made by me. My dad wakes up ever 1-2 hours to check the sheep for 3 and a half months, so me making breakfast every weekend is a big help. I don’t only bake during lambing I bake year round, if you can name it I can bake it, I find baking a great way to relieve stress and escape from the world every now and then and take time to do what I love. I bake new things every time I grab the mixer, just recently I made macarons and those things are tricky to tackle but anything is possible if you believe you can do it. Aside from baking, I cook dinner every now and then, I cook chicken the most using different recipes and other times I cook pizza because who doesn’t like pizza? Cooking is one of the many things I enjoy spending my time doing.


My life is very eventful there is always a new challenge to be completed or goal to reach I really couldn’t ask for a better life. I volunteer my time where it is needed instead of being a lazy couch potato, I do things I love like spending time with animals and baking. If it weren’t for my parents I wouldn’t be who I am today and the opportunities I have gotten I wouldn’t have. My life is the best as it gets in my opinion because I’m happy, healthy, and have many people who love me in my life.


Happy Camper

A happy camper is someone who doesn’t matter how they dress they care more about if they’re happy, and if they put a smile on someone else’s face. They live there life leaving their campsite better than how they found it, which means they can do simple things like pick up a piece of garbage that they didn’t drop or even donating food or clothing.

In my opinion teens, today suffer from many different things, one I can think of is self-consciousness, which may also cause the thought of self-harm with is a horrible thing to even think about. There nothing wrong with teens today it just that everyone is different so they have there own way of dealing with things and their bodies may also be built differently from there friends or people they see on television. I also believe that we are better and brighter than our parents because technology has advanced and there have been many new discoveries.

Women had the right to vote for the first time on January 28, 1916, and the first women in Canada that were allowed to vote and hold a political position were from Manitoba.

Connecting the dots to means looking at the groups of people that are together, this can help show what kind of fairness there is in the world and even in the school. I could listen to light up my life 0-1 times to be 100% honest with you. I have many adults in my life that believe in me more then I believe in myself, my parents and grandparents are most likely the main ones and possibly the only ones. I believe in my friends and family a ton even when they think they can do something.

The pledge of the happy camper is like a vow or promise saying that you will put smiles on other peoples faces and that you will leave your campsite better than how you found is and doing good even where there’s lots of it. I will know I am a happy camper if I make someone smile or I smile and have a good attitude because I’m spreading happiness. I will work to do things that need to be done even if it’s not my job.





Set A Multiple “signs” of intelligence in the Bible

Set A:

Luke 10:38-42

What does Mary do?

Mary was sitting at the Lord’s feet listening to what he was saying, while her sister is working.

This passage is about how if you are worried and distracted the other person chose the better part to be calm and the Lord will not take anything away or force anyone to do something.

Linguistic – word smart, Intrapersonal – self smart


John 11:5-6

What is Jesus’s attitude toward Mary, Martha, and Lazarus?

Jesus’s attitude towards them was caring even though he didn’t come when Lazarus was ill.

The passage talked about how Jesus never came when Lazarus was sick, he just stayed were he was even though he knew he was ill.

Interpersonal – people smart


John 11:20-22

What is Martha’s faith based on? Logic? A Convincing argument? Her relationship with Jesus.

Martha’s faith was based on her belief and trust that Jesus could have heeled her brother if he came. This passage is about how If Jesus had come when Lazarus was sick he never would have died.

Linguistic – word smart, Interpersonal – people smart  ,Intrapersonal – self smart