Who Is Jesus, Peter Kreeft

The reading ‘Who is Jesus’ by Peter Kreeft is allowing you to be honest with yourself to ask the question Who is Jesus? To ask this question it takes honesty, you have to be honest with yourself. This is a puzzle or a challenge, the argument is like an arrow pointing at Jesus and asking who is he.

Many ask the question does Jesus exist? The real question is who is Jesus? Is Jesus 100% man in heaven? The answer to this is yes, God is 100% human and 100% God. Many question we have are unanswered but we do know that Jesus is God, Jesus is alive and his body is also still alive.  Other names for Jesus would include good man, wise man, or even a great moral leader. Even with all these titles why are non believers so afraid to believe in Jesus? Christians on the other hand follow the prayer of the free also known as the prayer of the rational christian. This prayer indicates that I am able to disbelieve but choose to believe.

There are great differences when it comes to Catholics and protestants. Catholics follow traditions where as protestants follow scriptures. The existence of the Catholic church does not actually exist in scripture. Christianity is the only religion that refers to God as a father because of Jesus his son. Why only Christianity if Jesus was also Jewish? Do only Christians go to Heaven? Everybody is able to disbelieve but only some choose to believe. Not all Christians go to Heaven, to be able to go to Heaven you have to choose Jesus. Christianity is very similar to Pluto because whether or not you believe in it, it is still there.

God is offended by all sins as mentioned before. This only means he has to forgive all sins, as the one offended by the sin must forgive the sin. Jesus is either a liar, lunatic or lord. No prophets claim to be God. So if Jesus saying he is God is true he is much more than a prophet. If his claim isn’t true he must be considered a liar or a lunatic. Reading the gospels, which are the newspapers of the lord, and praying can help you have a more understanding belief of Jesus.

As mentioned before Jesus is one of the following three: liar lunatic or lord. If we believe in Jesus it means he is more than just a prophet, lunatic or a liar, Jesus is Lord. To be able to go to Heaven you have to choose, you have to choose to believe in Jesus. Jesus is 100% human and 100% God, so he is still 100% man in Heaven.

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Author: mkrys

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