Ideal Marriage

By Megan Krys

Marriage is the legal, and formal recognition of two people as partners in a personal relationship. Marriage is what ties two people together for a lifetime, to show their true love to one another. When agreeing to marriage one should assure they have trust, love and common interests with their partner. When two people plan for marriage they are committing their life together and often plan to raise a family together.

Ever since 1968 divorce became legal in Canada, allowing partners to break the bonds of marriage. Although divorce is legal in Canada, partaking in divorce is not recommended and an aspect of consequentialism. Many religions are against the process of divorces and remarriage. If one chooses to be involved in marriage they should stick to their promise and not enrol in divorce. Saying ¨I do¨ to marriage is a life time commitment. This should assure that the partners stay true and faithful to each other.

To choose a partner in marriage, one should have trust, respects, and reliability to their partner. Trust is an immense part of a healthy relationship. Trust is hard to build and easy to break, so it is mandatory to have trust built up before you make the promise of life, which is marriage. Having trust in your partner goes hand in hand with being faithful to each other. An example of faithfulness to your partner is, being able to rely on them to pick up a set item and trusting them to get that set item. Trust is also needed as marriage involves sharing from both partners. Through-out many years of marriage ¨the goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together,¨ quoted by Robert C. Dodds.

Personally in an ideal marriage, I would want to be able to trust my partner. Similar interests are another important aspect in a marriage. Common interests will assure the marriage partners will stick together and grow closer together by sharing experiences and making memories. The idea of unity opposed to uniformity was explored in the preface to “The Bush Garden.” This idea relates to marriage, as individuals you should grow in unity not uniformity. To be able to stay in a relationship for the rest of your life requires love to your significant other, so you do not grow apart.

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments in one´s life. To ensure your decision is right for your life, make sure there is trust, honesty and love in your marriage. Not every person enrols in marriage but if one makes the decision to do so, assure your marriage is with the right person.

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