Farther Joy

Today I first met Farther Joy. He is originally from a small province in India it is called Kerala is has more people than Alberta in one small area it is almost half the size of Nova Socia. Farther Joy is a nice guy, today he gave us an exercise to do to help us feel fresh ( it didn’t work for me).  I thought that it was cool to hear about his country and all about him.

Farther Joy talked about how he got to come to Vermilion. He said that he always knew that he wanted to become a priest for a long time, he said that in grade 10 he told his parents that he wanted to become a priest, his sister knew that he wanted to be a priest. When his sister moved out she became a nun. His parents told him that he needs to stay in school for at least two years. When he finished school he was a bit scared to tell his parents that he wanted to become a priest, so even when he was studying he still never told his parents. One day he asked them if he could be transported to work somewhere new. They told him there is a place in Germany but he did not want to take it because he did not want to learn a different language, so they said well there is one in Canada he took it. He had to work in Edmonton at the St. Theresa, I think he worked there for three months. than he got a job here at the Holy Name of Jesus.

I think that Farther Joy will be a good priest.


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