The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

Madison. Macdonald

Nov 18, 2019

The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence.

Have you ever thought of a riddle and you haven’t understood the answer? The riddles that I have here don’t have answers to them everyone’s answer is different in one way and most people have different opinions to every question. You could make your own answer to these questions does a tree make a sound in the forest when it falls and no one around, how do you know for certain that things move, and should you let little things bother you? This is just my opinion, you should make your own.

Does a tree make a sound in the forest when it falls and no one around?

This question when you first look at it confuses your brain because no one really knows. This would be a long conversation with me and I’m assuming lots of other people. There is a story for everyone and this is mine. Lord of confusing topics that you could talk about but I’m only going to talk about one with two arguments. That is, we should just build a camera with a sound that can go for a long time. 

Most of the cameras have sounded like for example hunting cameras. These cameras only last so long and then you have to pick them up. It would be hard for someone to tell everyone to not go into a forest for how every meany days because not everyone has the same opinion as one another. This is like in Africa the people there tell you that you can’t go into this part of the land and don’t kill this animal but they do everything that they can to do the wrong thing. Why? Why are we always just so negative about what another person says why can’t we just listen to what someone is telling us if you don’t agree with it yes say something see if anyone else agrees with you but you don’t have to make a big commission. In reality, I don’t think that we are going to solve this riddle. 

How do you know for certain that things move?

Are you 100% sure that things move? We all have different opinions on this topic. You are constantly moving because one thing works off another in your body like your heart is the main organ in your body it controls everything. Think of this what happens when you sneeze? Well, when you sneeze everything in your body stops for 1 second except for your heart. That is cool that things in your body move all the time but when you sneeze your body stops. 

That was only in your body. When you were younger I’m sure that you thought that stuffies were real and you would talk to them. Well, no one knows if that is true you here that sometimes dolls move some people have caught it on camera too but lots of people think that it’s fake. The real question is that how do we prove that it is real? People are so contending that they don’t believe in anything you say or what anyone says there’s always an argument.


Should you let little things bother you?

I think that you shouldn’t let little things bother you. I think this because first of all if you skin your knee you should worry about it but not that much I’m pretty sure you’re not going to die because of a skinned knee. To me, I think that you should be worrying about the bigger picture. Think about this if you got a paper cut would you get some kind of disease? I think the answer is no, it is not going to affect your future at all. What I’m trying to say is that if it is something that is not going to hurt you in the future than you should not worry about it. 


All these riddles come together and form one big answer. We are not going to find the answers to these questions for a long time. This is because everyone has a different answer. Most people have their own opinion on every question but it is how they say their opinion. If they don’t tell anyone and then they go and do something that is just not right then that’s wrong. I think that if you listen to people who you know that are the boss of you like your teacher then you should listen to them, not do your own thing.

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