When you are working, or you are just maybe on your way to school what do you do? Most people would listen to music. I’m sure that you know that feeling of when you get a song stuck in your head and your friends ask you hey what are you singing, then you have to respond with I don’t know. Well, the songs that I have might help you. One is Jersey on the wall- by Tenille Towns. Me and my kind- by Cody Johnson. Take a back road- Rodney Atkins. If you want songs to get stuck in your head then I would advise you to listen to these songs. 


When I am feeling down or just because it is a beautiful song I listen to Jersey on the wall. The song was written as a reflection on grief and how great loss can challenge one’s faith. “And somewhere there’s a mother/Who stopped going’ to church/’Cause Your plan quit making’ sense down here on Earth”. I’m sure that all of us will have lost someone or will lose someone. When you lose someone we have to go through a lot of grief. This song when you listen to it you are not just trying to sing along, to this song you are listening to the backstory behind it all. She talks about how back in her hometown one of her friends died. This song reminds me of the guy in the school he died in and it was very hard for a lot of people. I hope that one day we will do something in his memory. In general, I think that this song is wonderful in its own way. 


Country songs, that is what I love when you hear a good country song you will listen to it a lot. For this song, I heard it on the radio and I said to myself I have to find that song and I have loved it ever since that day. The song is called Me and my kind- by Cody Johnson. The song is about his old girlfriend and he said that she used to be into cowboys and since they broke up he’s not into them anymore. “Oh, cause back when we were loving’ she thought cowboys were something/Now’ they ain’t”. This song seems to me that when you date someone then you break up you’re not really into that type anymore you have a new type. In this song, the guy seems sad that they are broken up and I can imagine that it would be hard on someone. This song is a good song because it is the type of song to get stuck in your head. 


Since I’m in the country we take back roads. This song is perfect for all the farms out there. For most people, it gets annoying to be in a city with cars on your butt and honking at you. When you get onto a gravel road what do you feel like doing? Do you feel free? I love taking a back road in the summertime because there are not that many people on it like a highway. The song is called take a back road-Rodney Atkins. “And it makes me wanna take a back road/Makes me wanna/take the long way home/Put a little gravel in my travel/Unwind, unravel all night long” 

When I hear this song I think of the summer and how warm it is and how there is dust, but right now there is snow and cold I would rather it be summer or just warmer than – 31. I love this summer song.


What I think I’m trying to say is that I miss summer and how warm it is so that I can listen to them is that summer.  All these songs have a lot of meaning and they are all special to me in my own way. Another thing is that they get stuck in your head for a long time and no matter how hard you try you can not get them out. I love them all. 

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