What if? What if we lived in a world of what if that anything could happen. What about right now where would you like to be right now? Time travel, when I was younger I wanted to time travel all the time. Now since I have gotten older I still want to. If I could choose to be anywhere right now I would be training horses, Scotland, and finally to go home and sleep.


One thing that I love to do right now is training horses. I have been around them all my life and they are just so fun to be around. When you train a horse you have to remember that they are all different and they all have different personalities. Some of them take a long time to train but some of them just get what you are teaching. In some ways, they are like humans. Over the past couple of years, I have trained around 15 horses, but a horse is never perfect there is always something that you can work on to make them better. Foles is really fun to train, but you got to have a lot of strength because they will try to run but you have to make sure that they learn that it is ok that they are not going to get hurt, then you have to do this a lot until they understand it. If I could time travel than I would get to train a horse in a heartbeat. 


One place that I have always wanted to go ever since I was little in Scotland. The reason that I want to go there is because of history. The history is the best part because you can see how all the people before us lived and what they built. I love would love to go there because it just seems like a place where you can see things that in other places you would not see. I would also like to go there because I am Scottish and I would like to see some of my heritage. Overall it would just be a wonderful place to go.


If I could go to any other place I would also like to go home and sleep. Since today is Monday I think that it is the perfect day to stay home and sleep. What do most people want to on a weekend they want to sleep in, and well do you blame them we all need a break once in a while I think that it is best to do that every now and then. Yes, I would love to go home and sleep in rather than be at school.


If time travel was a thing it would be lots of fun. The things that I would do would be to go and train horses because that is lots of fun it also gets me to learn. Another thing would be to go to Scotland I think that it would be so much fun to go and learn about a new country. And I would absolutely love to go home and sleep. Overall all I can do is wish, wish that one day this may come true.


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