reading lessons

This talks about how we as people need to read more because it makes everything so much better. The story talks about this man and how when he was younger he did not like to read and now that he is older he wishes that he would have read more. He sees in his son that he is having a hard time reading too. I think that we should read everyday.

I’m sure that when you were younger you did not want to read that much. Now I think that you are going to regret it because reading helps you with everything. “Learning a new language, a moderately difficult one, had given me the power of concentration I could not muster on my own. It had made me a child in a sense.” When you are reading you don’t realize that you are learning something new and every time you read a book¬† you take something from that book every time.

I hope that when I am older my kids don’t have a problem with reading but if they do that is ok. I would just help them if they don’t understand or they just need help. This man is having that problem but I think that he is also having that same problem. “So much work requires attention. My son approaches the challenge of decoding the world with intense concentration, straining to squeeze out meaning from each word and image.” So yes, I think that it is important to read.

This was a good story to read, but I think that you need to take something from this like reading everyday.  When you are older you are going to regret not reading. It will help you through everything you do.

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