dream house

My all-time favorite house would be a log house. I have always wanted one because of how nice they are and how western they look.  I would like to have one on a farm on a hilltop overlooking the farm. When I’m older I think that I’m going to save up for one. Having one would be the best thing ever.

Other people have different opinions on what houses they would like. I would love to have a log house. I like them because of the way the sunlight hits the house. I would also like one because then people would know you as a rancher or something of that kind. That would be so wonderful. I can just imagine a pathway to the front red door and going inside to the big windows overlooking the big ranch.

When people go out in the country what do they expect the houses to look like? I’m assuming that you would look for log houses it is just such a western thing.  I am a western person if you did not know and having a log house would just bost my western take. People would know me for my log house and they would also love to come out more because it is so nice.

What do we all do once and a while we flex on people right? Now wouldn’t it be nice if I could flex on people for the longest time people who have bigger houses than me, that’s fine because when I’m older I will have a big log house and it would also be so nice. Having one and everyone who would drive by would think man that is a nice house that would be a wonderful place to live. Well, that’s me.

Overall I think that having a big log house would be the best thing ever all around. I could flex on people, people would know that I’m western, and the last thing it just looks so nice. that is why I would love a log house.

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