What my dream car would be.

If I could have any car in the world I think that I would choose the Camaro.  ever since I little had always wanted a Camaro, I like it because Its kinda a nicer looking car but on the bulker side witch, I like.  When you are driving on the highway you want to feel safe you don’t want to feel like you are going to be plowed by a truck or semi.  They are super comfy.

I’m sure that most people would like to drive a nice car, but will you feel safe in it. One of the reasons that I would like a Camaro is that you would feel safe and not feel like something is going to run you over. It is on the bulker side witch is nice because in Canada we have some snowstorms and when drifts and ice are on the roads you don’t want to have a car that will slide or hydro plan. I would just love to have one. I also had a look at the web sights and the cars have lights in them. that is not the best part you can change the color of the lights.

One thing about cars is that you want them to be comfy. When you are driving you should have a nice comfy chair because you are driving and sometimes you are on the road a lot. The best thing is to have a comfy chair, but something that you would not want is to be in an uncomfortable chair as you are driving. On the websites, it said that they have red seat belts. That is so cool.

I just think that if I owned one of these cars I could flex on people. I could also have a nice comfy drive. I would also feel safe and feel like I’m not going to get run over. In wintertime, it would also be nice to have because it is bulkier than most cars. Overall I would love this car.


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