Making Reyne into a centar

For this time I wanted to make Reyne into a centar. The things you have to do is first find what you want to be the background image and what one is going to be the one you fad into the background.

Ok so the first thing to do would be to add your layer mask . How you would do that is you right click on the item you want to be the top image then you right click than find add layer mask. Just click add layer

Once you have done that than you want to chose the second layer mask than you hit the pant brush on the right side of your screen. Than you erase what you you want to be erased.

Another thing that I did was I made another layer mask of the background and you use the lasso tool and than you take it and make a circle around what you want to be on the other layer mask. Once you are done that than you move the image to the first layer mask.Then once you have done that you are pretty much done

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