making tshirts

What you have to do first find you image than you have to go to path than trace bitmapath. 

Than you click update and than you go to opject and click filland stroke than you go to fill and press the x.

once you’ve done that than you go onto stroke paint, move the red all the way up along with blue too. 

This is what it should look like than you put the image that you want on it,

so . you but the pink image on it both of them than you go to objects and go down to clip than you click set than boom.

Once you print it than you have to weed it witch means you take this tool and take the wight part off.

Than when you are done all that than you add this sticky piece of papper and you what to use another tool to take the bubbles out.

The other thing you have to do is give it to Mr. Sader and he heats up the thing that heats up the T-shirt. What he does is he puts it on the T-shirt than he puts the thing down and it melts it on.

boom you have a T-shirt but you have to wait for it to dry than your done.

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