The first thing that i did was i wanted to let this one have some things lighter than the others. so what you do first is go to the bottom of the screen and click one of the circles and then click hue/Saturation.
















Once you are on that than it will show this screen and what you do with it is move the saturation to something you want it to be and same with the hue.

this is what it should look like.

The nest tone that i did was i added my dog into this one as you can tell.

What you want to do on this one would be to first put a layer mask on it and then you click to the first second one and then once you have done that then you can click the paint brush and erase what you don’t want in the picture. That is it.

for the next one that i did was I i blended out my horses tail.

The first thing that you want to do is go into the side bar and you will see this in the next pictures.


When all of that happens then you just blur the image out where you want it. If you want you can right click and this will appear. Once you have done then than what that does is it will let you chose a spot and then you can the spot that you want to blur will be around the same color as the spot you clicked.

Now for this one i just added a filter. first thing that you do is go on to the bottom of the screen and than you click the circle than when you do that it will show this and you go into brightness and contrast than you just move the diles to where you want it.