Impossible April 6, 2016

the impossible possible?

Is it possible for the impossible to be possible?. well personally i think that the impossible is  possible because impossible spells i’m possible which means that it is possible.impossible is another word for i’m to lazy or it’s to hard to do and i give up or we tried  to solve the problem but haven’t been able to so people just simple say it is impossible.
The impossible it is something that has never been done so it seems impossible. “There is nothing impossible to him who will try” Alexander the Great.the only way to make something impossible is to think of it that way and by doing that you only make it impossible to yourself. So you are the only one who it is impossible to do or think .you might be too stubborn to realize that it is not impossible it just might be really hard but not impossible.
If the impossible is possible wouldn’t that mean the possible was once impossible. For example the idea of wireless phones would have been seen as impossible. Let’s take a moment to thank all the people who invented the things today that we would not be able to live without. if these people like martin cooper (inventor of the cell phone) or thomas edison some of these things might not have been invented.

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  • Sean Ulrich : Good essay and it's a good lesson that you mentioned that when you set your mind to something it is possible
  • dallen : Good job!Remember to watch out for grammatical errors such as not capitalizing the start of sentences or "i".
  • zishen : I like the way of how you answered the question, Good Job!
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