City of bones June 17, 2016

City of bones is filled with lots of danger,mystery and fighting. This book is based on a girl by the name of clary fray she is fifteen from New York. Clary is a perfectly normal girl or so she thinks  she likes to hang out with her best friend simon. One night every thing changed she was at a all ages night club called pandemonium when she saw a boy and a girl go in to the electrical room then she saw two more guys go to the electrical room so she disided to follow them and that is when she saw Jace ,Alec, and Isabell interrogating a boy who was tied to a piller and was being torchered after Jace got the information that he wanted they killed the boy who was a warwolf  he turned in black slim and washed down the drain.clary was baffled by what she saw so she left to go find simon and the security guards when security came they could not see Jace, Alec or ,Isabell because they where warring a glamor which is like a spell that allows only those with the sight to see them.

the next evening clary and simon went to a poetry slam to see one of there friends preform. when simon and clary arrived simon went to get them some thing to drink. when simon came back with the drinks clary saw Jace siting be hind them but Jace was still warring a glamor so only clary could see Jace. after a bit clary went out side to get some air and Jace followed her. After a few minutes of talking Clary got a phone call from her mom telling here not to come home and when Clary asked why she couldn’t go home her phone died so she asked Jace for his phone but what she thought was a phone wasn’t it was a diffrent type of technology. so clary went home to see if her mom was ok when clary got to her apartment building she went to her apartment and as she opened the door she saw that her home was distroyed all her moms paintings where ripped.

that is as far as i got in the book









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  • Sean Ulrich : Good essay and it's a good lesson that you mentioned that when you set your mind to something it is possible
  • dallen : Good job!Remember to watch out for grammatical errors such as not capitalizing the start of sentences or "i".
  • zishen : I like the way of how you answered the question, Good Job!
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