on the sidewalk bleeding December 7, 2016

On the sidewalk bleeding

What is the protagonist?

  • Andy is the protagonist
  • The protagonist is at the center of the story
  • Everything revolves around the person or thing that is the protagonist
  • The word protagonist is used mostly in stories and other forms of writing
  • Andy was a tragic hero


What are the conflicts?


  • The conflicts are man vs man when andy got stabbed by the guy who yelled “that’s for you royal”
  • Another conflict is between the royals and the guardians which are the two biggest gangs in that area who are rivals
  • The conflict whether freddie and angila should help Andy or leave him for dead which is man vs himself
  • Andy against the rain which is man vs nature


What do the names represent

  • The names represent titles that andy is known by
  • They symbolize the identity of a person
  • There had been meaning to the title royal at one point in andy’s life but now it means nothing.
  • The reason he was stabbed

What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who found him

  • He was judged
  • People would not help him
  • Andy was ignored

What are the reasons people would not help andy

  • They were afraid of the guardians and what would happen if they found out
  • Was drunk and didn’t realize Andy was hurt
  • Didn’t see Andy

When did Andy realize he was dieing

  • Andy realized he was dieing when he thought of laura and their future and that they wouldn’t have one

What was the last thing andy did with his strength,and why is it important

  • Andy used the last of his strength to take off his jacket.
  • This is important because he wanted to die as Andy not as a royal.


what did the cop say when he saw andy

  • “Oh a royal”
  • The cop only saw the title not a person with a name

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Who am I December 6, 2016

Who am I
I am a unique and special person with my own ideas and opinions about life. What you truly want in the world will never come easy. When life seems to be looking down that is when you have to be strong enough to realize the good things in life. I’m Maranda that is my name that is a part of who am. I am the second youngest of 4 children.
I would not be myself without my passion for art and creating is I have sold about 8 pieces. Another thing that I would not be myself without is my family. But my personality is a lot different from the rest of my family’s I am more of a person who likes to be alone and not communicate with others. My hobbies are kuk sool Won which is a type of martial arts from Korea and basketball and softball.
Not only is my personality different from most people but so is my physical appearance. when I walk my feet are bent out so it looks as if I walk like a bird or penguin. This is just one of the things that makes me unique in my own way. Another is that I am left handed so it is a little bit more difficult to write because I always smudge my work.

Compared to other people I have to work a lot harder in school to get to where I want to go. This can be seen easily by me always having lots of binder to bring home. In life I always work harder than most people whether it’s in school or sports.once I have decided to do something I won’t give up on it even if I’m not good at it I will work to get better ,whether it’s doing extra work in math or going to the shop to work on my basketball skills.
When I graduate high school I will be 17. Once I graduate I will go for my Bachelor of sciences or 2 years then go for my degree in nursing. These courses will take me at least 4 years in total depending on the different level of nurse I want to be. But my goal is to be a paediatric nurse so I can work to save kids and get them better. Some people might think I will never have good enough grades to become a nurse but I do and that is all that matters. Don’t let others dull your sparkle.

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my blueprint


this is on the left side of my document

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  • Sean Ulrich : Good essay and it's a good lesson that you mentioned that when you set your mind to something it is possible
  • dallen : Good job!Remember to watch out for grammatical errors such as not capitalizing the start of sentences or "i".
  • zishen : I like the way of how you answered the question, Good Job!
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