Human Rights Violations October 15, 2017

Our world is full of acts of unfair treatment towards others. These acts are often human rights violations. Over the next three paragraphs I will provide you with three different examples of human rights violations from around the world.

North Korea children exploration

North Korean children are forced  to do labor including rock breaking, scrap metal collecting and other tasks that  require hard labor. These children face abuse and discrimination. Some of the schools in North Korea force the  children to do labor to maintain and manage the school and earn a profit. The children are not paid for the work they do. These children are discriminated against based on their song bun, this is a sociopolitical classification that distinguishes on one’s personal performance and loyalty to the ruling party and government.


Banana plantation in Ecuador

Ecuadorian banana plantation workers work operate under hazardous conditions. Many of these workers are children who started working between the age of eight and thirteen. These children work long day that average about twelve hours. They are payed 60% lower than the legal minimum wage. The children who work at these plants are exposed to dangerous pesticides that cause them get sick. These pesticides are sprayed by planes as workers are still in amongst the banana trees. The children working at these plantations often experienced sexual harassment by their bosses  


US solitary confinement cells

Prisons in the United States have always had solitary confinement cells. These cells were intended to isolate prisoners as a punishment for breaking the prison roles. Prisoners would would stay in the cells for about a day or so. Although  solitary was intended for a short term punishment  some prisoners were forced to stay in these cells for years some times even decades. This long term isolation had psychological  harm on the mentally healthy prisoners, Some of these prisoners while being in isolation became violently insane or started to show signs of depression,anxiety and other mental illnesses.prisoners with pre-existing mental illnesses who were put into solitary for a prolonged period of time usually engaged in self harm or committed suicide. While prisoners are in solitary they are more likely to be subject to the use excessive force and other forms of abuse.



When comparing the three reading you can see that hazardous conditions in which they are forced to live and work in have caused major effects on their health both mental and physical. The human right violations will all affect the future of these people, for example the children at the banana plantation will have little to no education so if they left the plant they would have limited job opportunities. They might also have a shorter lifespan due to the exposure to the pesticides. The people in these reading have all been abused by their superiors.

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