The Reasons To Believe by Peter Kreeft October 21, 2018

The reasons to believe by Peter Kreeft talks about many important religious questions. It examines ideas such as the 8 arguments for the existence of god from history it also looks at the 4 primary questions. Reasons to believe questions many complex ideas such as what is conscience as well as questions the existence of god. These are just a few of the main points that are talked about throughout the reading.


In The Reasons To Believe Peter Kreeft examines what the 8 arguments for the existence of God from history.the first argument is that throughout history of humans as well as pre human history shows a story line. Which means that the events were not random. So the events and the people involved in these historical events had to be caused by something or someone, such as a divine being or an uncaused cause. The second argument for the existence of God is moral design. This argument is about how being a good person and following God’s teachings will help you prosper. The moral design argument also states that if you don’t follow the teachings and are a bad person that you will perish. Argument number three is about providential coincidence. this argument talks about how events like the parting of the red sea have curious timing. With closer examination of these events it causes a suspicion that an unseen divine hand was at work during eventi like the red sea parting. The forth argument is miracle. Miracles are unexplainable and the only possible answer for a miracle is the existence of God. christ himself is the fifth argument for the existence of God. this is because Jesus lived among us and claimed to be God. so if he was God then there is a God. but if he wasn’t God then he must either be a lunatic or a liar. The sixth argument for the existence of god is the saints. As Chesterton said “the only argument against christianity was the christians”. This statement referred to bad and sad christians. Which means that the only argument for christianity is the saintly christians. In argument seven it is about the conversion of  the world. This argument explains the success of being faithful. As well as how giving up worldly possessions shows your faith. The eighth and final argument for the existence of god is our own life experiences. This is the argument because christian faith is verifiable from our own experiences and the miracles that you witness.


Peter Kreeft questions what the conscience is several times in the reading. Our conscience is the voice in our heads that helps guide us through our lives. Your conscience has absolute authority over us. This is because you can’t disobey your conscience but you can disobey your instincts.


The question of does God exist has been around for centuries. God doesn’t give us enough evidence to believe in him. This is because he gives you a choice as well as free will. So why does God do this,it is because if you really believe in something you don’t need much evidence you just need faith.


The Reasons To Believe by Peter Kreeft contains many questions. Such as does God exist as well as what is conscience. He also examines the 8 arguments for the existence of God from history.throughout the reading we discussed many questions and examined the meanings behind them.

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