how do you deal with your fears April 15, 2019

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone of something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Their is many things to fear in this world like the push of the big red button or being hit by lightning while outside in a storm, or being in the car while your sibling is learning to drive. Most people don’t fear many of the things that I have listed, instead they fear things like spiders which can be easily squashed and usually causes you no harm. As children many of us may of feared the dark thinking that monsters lurked in the corners of the room or under the bed, even after we had our parents check. But slowly we learned that it was just our imagination which made conquering the fear easier so now instead of hiding you imagined that you where a great warrior fighting these monsters and winning. This is just one way to conquer fears, some fears take a long time to deal with and may be required to actually do the feared thing multiple times in order to find out that it is not a bad thing. For example I had a fear of public speaking and it was only after I had done numerous speeches and presentations that I realised that speaking in front of people was not so bad and that I was even good at it. Other times in order to get over a fear there is nothing other to do then just jump. Like the fear of skydiving the only way to truly know is if you just jump out of the plane. Another way to conquer fear is to slowly be exposed of interact with the fear, an example of this is to slowly get rid of or dim a night light in order to not be afraid of the dark. Some times when a person is afraid of something they are greatly affected and may faint or have panic attacks. There is many stories of people fainting at the site of blood. In act 1 scene 5 of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is reading a letter and their is a line that about the fear not doing some thing then wishing for it to be done. In line 73 lady Macbeth is to alter favour ever is to fear,to me this means that when you wish to change what has been in your favour is to fear the result of it. within act 1 scene 4 Macbeth says yet let that be, which the eye fears, when it is done. The eye fears to look at what pain and suffering that has been created.

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The Reasons To Believe by Peter Kreeft October 21, 2018

The reasons to believe by Peter Kreeft talks about many important religious questions. It examines ideas such as the 8 arguments for the existence of god from history it also looks at the 4 primary questions. Reasons to believe questions many complex ideas such as what is conscience as well as questions the existence of god. These are just a few of the main points that are talked about throughout the reading.


In The Reasons To Believe Peter Kreeft examines what the 8 arguments for the existence of God from history.the first argument is that throughout history of humans as well as pre human history shows a story line. Which means that the events were not random. So the events and the people involved in these historical events had to be caused by something or someone, such as a divine being or an uncaused cause. The second argument for the existence of God is moral design. This argument is about how being a good person and following God’s teachings will help you prosper. The moral design argument also states that if you don’t follow the teachings and are a bad person that you will perish. Argument number three is about providential coincidence. this argument talks about how events like the parting of the red sea have curious timing. With closer examination of these events it causes a suspicion that an unseen divine hand was at work during eventi like the red sea parting. The forth argument is miracle. Miracles are unexplainable and the only possible answer for a miracle is the existence of God. christ himself is the fifth argument for the existence of God. this is because Jesus lived among us and claimed to be God. so if he was God then there is a God. but if he wasn’t God then he must either be a lunatic or a liar. The sixth argument for the existence of god is the saints. As Chesterton said “the only argument against christianity was the christians”. This statement referred to bad and sad christians. Which means that the only argument for christianity is the saintly christians. In argument seven it is about the conversion of  the world. This argument explains the success of being faithful. As well as how giving up worldly possessions shows your faith. The eighth and final argument for the existence of god is our own life experiences. This is the argument because christian faith is verifiable from our own experiences and the miracles that you witness.


Peter Kreeft questions what the conscience is several times in the reading. Our conscience is the voice in our heads that helps guide us through our lives. Your conscience has absolute authority over us. This is because you can’t disobey your conscience but you can disobey your instincts.


The question of does God exist has been around for centuries. God doesn’t give us enough evidence to believe in him. This is because he gives you a choice as well as free will. So why does God do this,it is because if you really believe in something you don’t need much evidence you just need faith.


The Reasons To Believe by Peter Kreeft contains many questions. Such as does God exist as well as what is conscience. He also examines the 8 arguments for the existence of God from history.throughout the reading we discussed many questions and examined the meanings behind them.

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Hanna and Fairy Tales December 11, 2017

Hanna and Fairy Tales  

Throughout the movie Hanna there are many scenes and ideas that are similar to some of the Grimm’s fairy tales. Some of the fairy tales that have been used in the film are Baba Yaga, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. In the movie the director purposely hide these details for the audience.    


In the movie Hanna there are many scenes that relate to  the story of Baba Yaga. In Hanna when Isaac is interrogating the hotel owner to find out where Hanna is,he throws a towel down and Hanna is shown escaping on the ferry. This scene is like the part in the story when the the children are escaping from the witch and they drop the towel and a river appears behind them. In the story of Baba Yaga as the children are running away they also drop a comb behind them creating a forest. This comb in Baba Yaga is like the pillars that Hanna used to escape from the compound. Director Joe Wright added these details and scenes on propose to make us connect the details and mentally explore what they mean.


When analyzing the movie Hanna and the story of Hansel and Gretel there are many common concepts. In Hansel and Gretel the children stumbles upon the witch’s candy houses. The same house appears in Hanna in the abandoned amusement park. In Hansel and Gretel when the mother brings the children to the forest  and abandoned them there to get rid of them. This like how in Hanna Marissa intended to kill Hanna before Erik took Hanna to live in the forest.


Through the movie Hanna you can spot some similarities between the story of the little red riding. in Little Red Riding Hood as the girl is walking to grandmother’s house the wolf shows up and follows her. This is similar to how Marissa and Isaac were following Hanna. In Hanna Marissa represents the wolf little red riding hood. Director Joe Wright added these details about little red riding hood to help connect the idea of Marissa and the wolf.


     When looking at all three of the fairy tales and how they were strategically incorporated into the movie Hanna by director Joe Wright. As the comparisons have shown Hanna contains the work of two of the most famous fairy tale authors the Brothers Grimm. Little Red Riding Hood, Baba Yaga and Hansel and Gretel all have ideas and from their stories in the Hanna.     


Image result for hanna the movie




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Human Rights Violations October 15, 2017

Our world is full of acts of unfair treatment towards others. These acts are often human rights violations. Over the next three paragraphs I will provide you with three different examples of human rights violations from around the world.

North Korea children exploration

North Korean children are forced  to do labor including rock breaking, scrap metal collecting and other tasks that  require hard labor. These children face abuse and discrimination. Some of the schools in North Korea force the  children to do labor to maintain and manage the school and earn a profit. The children are not paid for the work they do. These children are discriminated against based on their song bun, this is a sociopolitical classification that distinguishes on one’s personal performance and loyalty to the ruling party and government.


Banana plantation in Ecuador

Ecuadorian banana plantation workers work operate under hazardous conditions. Many of these workers are children who started working between the age of eight and thirteen. These children work long day that average about twelve hours. They are payed 60% lower than the legal minimum wage. The children who work at these plants are exposed to dangerous pesticides that cause them get sick. These pesticides are sprayed by planes as workers are still in amongst the banana trees. The children working at these plantations often experienced sexual harassment by their bosses  


US solitary confinement cells

Prisons in the United States have always had solitary confinement cells. These cells were intended to isolate prisoners as a punishment for breaking the prison roles. Prisoners would would stay in the cells for about a day or so. Although  solitary was intended for a short term punishment  some prisoners were forced to stay in these cells for years some times even decades. This long term isolation had psychological  harm on the mentally healthy prisoners, Some of these prisoners while being in isolation became violently insane or started to show signs of depression,anxiety and other mental illnesses.prisoners with pre-existing mental illnesses who were put into solitary for a prolonged period of time usually engaged in self harm or committed suicide. While prisoners are in solitary they are more likely to be subject to the use excessive force and other forms of abuse.



When comparing the three reading you can see that hazardous conditions in which they are forced to live and work in have caused major effects on their health both mental and physical. The human right violations will all affect the future of these people, for example the children at the banana plantation will have little to no education so if they left the plant they would have limited job opportunities. They might also have a shorter lifespan due to the exposure to the pesticides. The people in these reading have all been abused by their superiors.

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One Last Scream October 7, 2017


The outside world was dark as the falling sun left the vacant sky surrounding the Ravens Institute for Lost Souls. Within the old decaying brick and wooden walls, Liz sat surrounded by cold dimly lit white padded walls that had been known as home over the last three years; a time that felt so long that the term “home” now felt like a senseless thing to consider such a decrepit building. She could still sense the unwary and eerie feel as the large doors croaked open; still smell the stale earthly scent of the potato sack that had been placed over her head, and she could still hear the faint cries from all those who had been forgotten by the world outside of this small- seemingly vacant-area.

Stumbling out from the van which time has seemed to have stalled itself during the duration of the drive, the mixture of gravel and leaves crunched together under every step beneath her uncovered and sore feet; her breath seemed to linger under the sack on her head.

The straight jacket that contained her arms left her with no other identity other than that of someone diagnosed as mentally insane; a title only awarded towards her because Liz had, on several occasions, preached about talking to those caught between dimensions. So, her only friend seemed to now be the spirit of a young boy named ‘Friday’-and the only reason he was stuck in this void of an institution was because he was one of the victims of the doctors’ cruel tests. He was known to the institution as “Subject H2”; the boy they tried shock therapy on for the first, and last time. The doctor’s obviously weren’t experts in the area.

“Friday,” Liz asked into the still air of her padded cell “do you know your way around this place?” She knew he was there, somewhere in the room, she could sense him because that is just what necromancers do. They sense the dead. Or raise it.

“Depends on what you’re looking for. Fifteen years of wandering aimlessly through these walls you learn a thing or two.” Fridays’ grim but young voice sounded through the air as he took a seat in front of me with his legs crossed before him.

I thought for a moment, “How old were you again Friday?”

“The old age of seventeen. Three days before my eighteenth birthday. When they took me I was sure I was going to Hogwarts and had just missed receiving my letter.” He had said the last part with a small chuckle. “But that is beside the main topic of conversation. What are you looking for?”

“Well,” she thought “I am looking for an out”. The worry that had clouded her since she had first met Friday, among the few other that had passed her by throughout the years, terrified when they realized that she could see them. Terrified of her powers. “I am sixteen, if you were seventeen that means I need an out.”

A sense of unease seemed to have set around Friday, his eyebrows furrowing and she could almost see the gears and trinkets and such spinning inside his head. Liz could leave, she could grow up and start her life over. He, of course, could not because he was bound-not out of choice of course- but because traumatic events anchor the soul which was what he was. Friday was a lost and forgotten soul.

“Friday! I am serious here, I need an out. And I know that you have found all the ways.” Liz was getting impatient and the morning sun had began to rise as if the night has been lost. When the sun came up, the tests began, and when the tests began was when uncertainty rose into the air like her last breath eventually would if she didn’t leave.

Friday closed the eyes, opening them with a sad face; a fake face. “There is no way out Liz. I have searched the place top to bottom. There isn’t a way out because the only way out for people like us is death.”

And with that Liz had gotten up, blank faced and emotionless; all means to survive had seemingly been frozen within her. Her heart slowed and with a deep and finalized breath, she did the one thing that nobody here did; she screamed.

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to be human by Sia September 14, 2017

For this project i was partners with piper we chose to read  To Be Human by Sia. we used pipers computer to record in garage band.To be human is about how part of being human to love and to feel the pain of loving. This song  is about wanting to let go but pushing your self to keep holding on.

To Be Human -Sia


Under rich, relentless skies

I’ve been setting highs

I felt you walk right through me

You’re the thing that I invoke

My all persistent goal

Sent to make me queasy 


 And though it’s hard now

With time, it works out


To be human is to love

Even when it gets too much

I’m not ready to give up

To be human is to love

Even when it gets too much

I’m not ready to give up


All the tigers have been out

I don’t care, I hear them howl

I let them tear right through me

Can you help me not to care?

Every breath becomes a prayer

Take this pain from me


And though you’re so far now

So far from my arms now


To be human is to love

Even when it gets too much

I’m not ready to give up

To be human is to love

Even when it gets too much

I’m not ready to give up


To be human

To be human

To be human


Just ’cause I predicted this

Doesn’t make it any easier to live with

And what’s the point of knowin’ it

If you can’t change it?

You can’t change, can’t change it

Just ’cause I predicted this

Doesn’t make it any easier to live with

And what’s the point of knowin’ it

If you can’t change it?

You can’t change, can’t change it


To be human is to love

Even when it gets too much

I’m not ready to give up

To be human is to love

Even when it gets too much

There’s no reason to give up


Don’t give up

Don’t give up


my voice recording

Pipers voice recording

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on the sidewalk bleeding December 7, 2016

On the sidewalk bleeding

What is the protagonist?

  • Andy is the protagonist
  • The protagonist is at the center of the story
  • Everything revolves around the person or thing that is the protagonist
  • The word protagonist is used mostly in stories and other forms of writing
  • Andy was a tragic hero


What are the conflicts?


  • The conflicts are man vs man when andy got stabbed by the guy who yelled “that’s for you royal”
  • Another conflict is between the royals and the guardians which are the two biggest gangs in that area who are rivals
  • The conflict whether freddie and angila should help Andy or leave him for dead which is man vs himself
  • Andy against the rain which is man vs nature


What do the names represent

  • The names represent titles that andy is known by
  • They symbolize the identity of a person
  • There had been meaning to the title royal at one point in andy’s life but now it means nothing.
  • The reason he was stabbed

What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who found him

  • He was judged
  • People would not help him
  • Andy was ignored

What are the reasons people would not help andy

  • They were afraid of the guardians and what would happen if they found out
  • Was drunk and didn’t realize Andy was hurt
  • Didn’t see Andy

When did Andy realize he was dieing

  • Andy realized he was dieing when he thought of laura and their future and that they wouldn’t have one

What was the last thing andy did with his strength,and why is it important

  • Andy used the last of his strength to take off his jacket.
  • This is important because he wanted to die as Andy not as a royal.


what did the cop say when he saw andy

  • “Oh a royal”
  • The cop only saw the title not a person with a name

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Who am I December 6, 2016

Who am I
I am a unique and special person with my own ideas and opinions about life. What you truly want in the world will never come easy. When life seems to be looking down that is when you have to be strong enough to realize the good things in life. I’m Maranda that is my name that is a part of who am. I am the second youngest of 4 children.
I would not be myself without my passion for art and creating is I have sold about 8 pieces. Another thing that I would not be myself without is my family. But my personality is a lot different from the rest of my family’s I am more of a person who likes to be alone and not communicate with others. My hobbies are kuk sool Won which is a type of martial arts from Korea and basketball and softball.
Not only is my personality different from most people but so is my physical appearance. when I walk my feet are bent out so it looks as if I walk like a bird or penguin. This is just one of the things that makes me unique in my own way. Another is that I am left handed so it is a little bit more difficult to write because I always smudge my work.

Compared to other people I have to work a lot harder in school to get to where I want to go. This can be seen easily by me always having lots of binder to bring home. In life I always work harder than most people whether it’s in school or sports.once I have decided to do something I won’t give up on it even if I’m not good at it I will work to get better ,whether it’s doing extra work in math or going to the shop to work on my basketball skills.
When I graduate high school I will be 17. Once I graduate I will go for my Bachelor of sciences or 2 years then go for my degree in nursing. These courses will take me at least 4 years in total depending on the different level of nurse I want to be. But my goal is to be a paediatric nurse so I can work to save kids and get them better. Some people might think I will never have good enough grades to become a nurse but I do and that is all that matters. Don’t let others dull your sparkle.

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my blueprint


this is on the left side of my document

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cornell October 24, 2016

the cornell note taking system helps to make notes more orginized.img_20161024_094939

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