Multiple “Signs” of Intelligence in the Bible

Set D

John 1:3-9

How is Jesus described in this passage?

Jesus was the Light, in Him thing were made, without him nothing that has been made will be made. He was life, life was light of all mankind. God sent a man, named John, he came to be a witness to testify of the Light, and thru him may all believe. John was not the Light he was only to witness and testify, for the true Light was the one who gives everyone a life. He was to come in this world.


Mark 13:24-27

How does Jesus speak about the second coming?

Jesus said, that in those days, sun will be darkened, moon will not bare light, stars will fall from sky, and heavenly bodies will be shaken. Nature will not give us natural things, I picked up. In those times people will see the Son of Man with great power and glory, coming from the clouds.

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