Assessment Activity: Who Am I?

Aye, It’s Me


There are some days in my life, where I’ve asked myself; who am I? That in this world full of people in different aspects, what is my match to them? What makes me unique, different from them, the others. In the things that I do, say and act, what do people think of me? For the people who knows me, do they really know me for who I am? Are they my friends or just an acquaintance? I wonder if the people around me sees me for who I am.


The recent motto that I am trying to live up with this 2019 is, “To continue to make myself better.” Be a better version of myself – the best that I’ve thus far. All struggles that I have to go through will make me stronger and wiser. Although before I accomplish dreams, I need to be open minded that in order to so; I have to get back on track, and match my hopes to my habits.


With no joke, my legit talent is to talk loudly, and I could’ve sworn that if there were emoji’s in here I would have used it already. I mean there are couple people who enjoys it, but there’s also few that gets irritated, so I don’t know; I think it’s a hit or miss. Sure there might be some days that I question my talent and what its use for or capable of, but I can’t always seem to find an answer. I guess it’s alright though, I just have to accept it, after all God wouldn’t give it to me without a reason or a purpose. I just choose to trust in him, in a way.


What I like about myself is that I’m unique from others. I mean yes, everyone is unique in their own ways, and that’s good. I  can say that I’m unique because of my relationship with God, I have my own personality and I have different life than others. I know you’ll ask, how is my relationship with God unique, when everyone could have it too. I believe that God has favor for all of us, but He’s favor for each one of us is different from one another. My characteristics is my own aspect, everyone does, and this makes us different from others. Life for everyone is different, some might go through the same trial, but it’s not the exact; just somewhat similar.


As I grow up, I tend to care less about what people think of me; this doesn’t mean I slack off, what It meant was I don’t let people think for me. It’s better off for me to set what people thinks of me aside and just focus on what I should do, to make myself grow. Although I would still be glad if they notice my change, but if they don’t I still wouldn’t mind, at least I know to myself that I did what was good for me and to see that improvement in myself.

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