Thank You Ma’am Response

Thank You Ma’am


My response to Thank You Ma’am is about the shift on its story plot. The humorous beginning to the moral learning throughout the story. On how Roger’s judgment about Mrs. Jones changed. Also my personal experience and thoughts for a stranger doing kind gestures to me.

I thought that it was funny when a huge lady picked up a fragile boy and shook him, to the point that his own teeth would rattle. This was like an exaggeration and that is why I also had the idea that the story would be humorous. I guess that change not too long, when the next paragraph slowly started opening up to the real side of the story. I believe that the author used a humor in the starting of the story to get the reader’s attention.

The story had started getting serious after the funny scenes. I then got the hint that it wasn’t just about a boy stealing and getting a complete beating from a fat women. I started having thoughts and theories. Like when Mrs. Jones asked Roger if the boy had anyone at home to teach him to wash his face, and the boy said he got nobody to tell him so. I felt pity, because who knows what kind of household he was in, or if he was  just a broken kid.

I believe that meeting Mrs. Jones would turn Rogers life. As the story went on the boy was just like any other kids that’s lost, who needed an adult model. It seems like he doesn’t have that and Mrs. Jones might have shown that to him throughout. It touched him in a way. Some examples of Roger changing his judgement on Mrs. Jones was when Mrs. Jones asked if he would run if she lets him go, and he responded with yes. Later on in the story as they reached the house, the door was left open and he was no longer in Mrs. Jones grip. Yet this boy chose to just trust Mrs.Jones, he didn’t escape when he had the chance instead just follow the instructions that Mrs. Jones told him to do.

The kindest thing that a stranger would do for me is caring. Like for example I fell or tripped on something and someone says “Are you ok?,” that kinda thing. Simple things that a stranger would just check up on you, when you don’t look alright. Because some people that I know, doesn’t even care if I don’t look ok, but a stranger would. Pure, simple and genuine care, is one of the kindest thing I see in some strangers could do for me or other.

Overall Thank You Ma’am had a lot of lessons to learn from. The questions helped me understand the story even better. Thank You Ma’am isn’t the best, but it’ll do I guess. It’s gonna make you feel laughter, thinking of possible outcomes, but in the end you’ll appreciate it later on.

Happy Camper

                        Happy Camper

What are the typical problems facing teens today?
Two possible problem of teens that we can easily throw out, is society and mental health issues. Society gives millenials so much pressure and expectation that they should meet. Mental health is an anxiety or depression. It’s the feeling of worry or unease, and it controls most teens life or even adults today.

What is wrong with saying, “What’s wrong with teens today?”
To say “What’s wrong with teens today?” is only noticing the negative things that teens do, completely disregarding the positive things that they have contributed to the society.
How are you better and brighter than your parents generation?
Many things today have improved, and we learn these things quick. For examples are technologies and studies. Also, we have more information, our generation has discovered a lot of things that are undiscovered from their times.

How are the troubled students in more trouble than those of your parents generation?

Our society has changed. School is more harder, new things are also being made to ruined millennial life. Life is more simpler back then, compared to our complicated ones.
When did women get to vote in Canada? U.S.A.?

In 1916 women were allowed to vote in Manitoba, and slowly it started spreading across Canada in 1917. August 18, 1920 was the official date that granted American women the rights to vote.
Have you ever “Left your campsite better than you found it”?

Yes, I have. I remembered when I was younger and I loved to bake brownies out of those mix from Betty Crocker. I mastered it already at a young age, only adding a couple of ingredients in it. However when my mom baked brownies, she did it from her own recipe book, and it made me wondered. I was curious so I asked my mom to teach me how to make homemade ones. When I did learn how to make them and mastered it, mom was so proud. So I do think, that I did leave something better than what I have found it.

“Connect the dots.” What does that mean in your school?
The different kinds of people or a variety of groups. That we need to build a community. To bring them to each other together, then apart from one another. To create a school that people will believe that they are part of it.

How many times could you listen to “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boon?
About three.

Do you know an adult that believes in you more than you believe in yourself?Yes, a lot actually like our relatives or even our parents friends. But of course, the two major ones are both my parents.

Do you know someone you believe in more than they believe in themselves?
Yes, I have a friend that is depressed and she might not think that she’s important to me, or the fact that I care for her. Really tho if she thinks no one is there to back her up, I want her to at least notice that I believe in her. That she’ll get pass by the trials that she’s facing currently. That she got this. I got her back.

What is a “Happy Camper”? How can you spot them?

A Happy Camper is responsible for their own emotion. They have respect for the world around them. They want to make a better world behind them than it is in front of them. They believe. They provide, to give than to take away. They help someone to find their smile. They’re a daymaker.

How will you know you are a “Happy Camper”?

You will know that you are a Happy Camper if you take the secret solemn pledge and do them.

Multiple “Signs” of Intelligence in the Bible

Set D

John 1:3-9

How is Jesus described in this passage?

Jesus was the Light, in Him thing were made, without him nothing that has been made will be made. He was life, life was light of all mankind. God sent a man, named John, he came to be a witness to testify of the Light, and thru him may all believe. John was not the Light he was only to witness and testify, for the true Light was the one who gives everyone a life. He was to come in this world.


Mark 13:24-27

How does Jesus speak about the second coming?

Jesus said, that in those days, sun will be darkened, moon will not bare light, stars will fall from sky, and heavenly bodies will be shaken. Nature will not give us natural things, I picked up. In those times people will see the Son of Man with great power and glory, coming from the clouds.

Commandments of the Church

For my understanding according to Commandments of the Church, Catholics do this as a penance for their sins. If they didn’t do the Commandments of the Church, like they were unable to do the 10 commandments, you are considered into one of those people who did not do anything for their sin. They also do these writing before Lent. Canada, has two holy days of obligation, these days are the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God and Christmas.

Info site: and


When I grow I’d love to be in Entertainment Management or something along those lines. Meaning that I like my skills and talent in entertaining people, to be put out there. I’d love to accomplish something along that journey, to be famous maybe,  for doing a certain entertainment project. Achievement is putting your God given talent and risking it for no assurance for an accomplishment in result, hopefully.

Web of Relationship

I believe that if you give a negative vibe, people would be affected in a group if one acts negative. It might lead some to lose hope for the chance of team or themselves. As to acting positive, it will boost someone up or up lift their mood, and will be encouraged to do better. You earn respect by treating everybody the way you wanted to be treated.


My knowledge results were Language, Physical Education and Creative Arts. I definitely agree with, Language being my first knowledge, because speaking two language is already an example. In Languages, creativity also has a big role that plays in it, maybe that’s the reason why Language is my first knowledge. Second was Physical Education, I like getting involved with sports and games, inside and outside of school. It also helps with fitness of your body, and how to control my eating habits sometimes.


My results were Artistic and Social. Both of these things are what I really like to do in the future, if I was given the chance. I like socializing more, than just sitting in an office by myself. I intend to get bored a lot when I just sit around, I like moving around and mingling with others. I’d also be grateful if I get the opportunity to be in the business of creating films or trendy things on TV and social medias. Just being part of like, editing, story concepts, character’s make-over, sound effects and etc,  is pleasure for me.

The Ten Commandments

  1. I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange gods before me.
  • You shall only have God and him alone as your Lord


  1. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
  • You shall only speak the name of God in important things


  1. Remember to keep holy the LORD’S Day
  • You shall not forget the Sabbath day


  1. Honor your father and your mother
  • You shall not disobey both your parents


  1. You shall not kill.
  • You shall do living things for others


  1. You shall not commit adultery.
  • You shall have one wife/husband and be loyal to him/her


  1. You shall not steal.
  • You shall ask or have your own


  1. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  • You shall tell truth about your neighbor.


  1. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
  • You shall refuse your desire to your neighbor’s wife


  1. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.
  • You be shall be satisfied in what you have