Gibby is thinking about, Learning styles

The test I took told me that I was mostly a visual learner, however it said that  I was a mix of auditory and visual, it really depend on the type of work that I am doing, a few examples of this is for learning a new concept,  I like to be shown how to do it or be shown visuals of what is happening in  subjects like math I have to try a few equations before I understand it. In cases like studying for a test I have to read and memorize the topics of the test, most noticably  on things like vocabulary words.  There are three styles of learning auditory, visual, and kinestetic. auditory like to hear things they learn best by hearing something over and over again. Visual learnings like to write notes and highlight important things witch makes it easier to see for them. Physical (kinestetic) would not be able to sit in class for a long time without fidgeting  with something, it mayb help these types of learners of take a test while sitting on a exersize ball.

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