Gibby is thinking about, being a Happy Camper

Problems teens face today consist of pressure from parents and community members to be the best, better then they were when they were young, all this stress to me can cause me to break down and do worse than normal. It’s not appropriate to say whats wrong with teens, we should be saying what’s   right about teens  today, teens are way more inclusive and willing to try things and so open to new people and their beliefs, this is a large advance from our parents generation for example women weren’t aloud to vote  until 1917 . teens today are in more trouble because of how social media can ruin a persons reputation really fast. I personally cannot think of a time I left the campsite better than how I found it but I should its easy to do, sometimes it can  be hard to think of something to do. Connect the dots to me means to bring everyone together and that we can’t be something without the different groups. I have had coaches and teachers that make me feel like they believe more in me than I do, example one is Dolly from soccer  always cheers for me and pushes me to be better  at keeper, he definitely invested a lot of time into making me the keeper I am today. My new defence partner in hockey was forward but she was very nervous to play defence and I definitely try to help her and she is actually really good.  To me a happy camper is someone who makes the best out of every situation and is always trying to lift others. I will know I am a happy camper when i see someone have their moment in the spotlight because of me.

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