Gibby is thinking about, Who Am I?

Who am I? The way I see myself is the confident, athletic, friendly, and funny one.  my personal mantra is “When you focus on the good, the good get’s better.”  I like to follow this because when I focus on everything good that happens, I find it hard to be sad.

My attitudes towards myself are quite positive except when it comes to performances (sports) or tests. I find I get stressed out about what other people think of me, that’s why I focus on the good about myself. My strengths include time management, art, sports, making people laugh, and staying positive.

A symbol that represents me is a rock, yes a rock, my friends tell me I give really good advice and when my friend is struggling the can know I’ll always be there for them.  My hopes and dreams are to graduate, have a car, go to college and just have fun while growing up. The thing I like most about myself is my ability to manage my own time, it’s very useful.

Recently I have been trying to not care about what other people think about me, I used to do this all the time and it really was stressful, it was like a bad habit. I have done well at getting rid of this habit.

Overall throughout the past few years, I have recognized what makes me unique, and what is similar between me and others. It has also been a journey with learning that God has a reason for everything good or bad. I have learned to put my trust in God and have faith.

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