Gibby is thinking about, Hobbies

My favourite hobbies include drawing, reading, and soccer. My personal favourite hobby is soccer, my motivation for this includes achievement, this is trophies, cheering fans, and medals. My second favourite hobby is reading, this hobby is correlated to relationships because most of the time I read self help books. Lastly, drawing, this has to do with support because when i show people my art work they compliment and support my art. My three hobbies directly correlate and feed to my motivation styles.

During this assignment I have realized how closely my hobbies correlate to my personal motivation factors. Playing soccer gives me me a sense of achievement, a form of recognition through cheering, trophies, medals. Reading books improves my outlook on relationships and gives me some alone time so that I can come back to hangout with friends refreshed and lots of times I’ll read a page that I can apply to my life, I find myself finding advice in reading. Through drawing I find a sense of support because when I create a work of art and show my friends they compliment it, they support my art. Not until now I’ve realized how much my hobbies feed my motivation factors.

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