Gibby is thinking about, Leaving Home

The thought of leaving home brings a strange mix of emotions along with it. Some factors that scare me are making new friends, being responsible for myself,  and the monsters under my new bed. Despite my fears I am excited to be able to make noise at night without getting yelled at, come home at the time I would like, and being able to decorate my own house or apartment. The idea of me leaving home in two years at 17 years old seems surreal the fact that I will be paying bills on my own, buying groceries, and sucking at being an adult. I still do feel a large amount of excitement form being able to do things I can’t do at home. I think the root of my fears comes from the fear of failure, the root of my anticipation comes from the desire to act grown up. I think honestly I will prepare by creating a specific plan of moving and productive things to do, during the stress I think I’ll connect with friend and watch a movie. leaving home is very scary, but everyone must grow up.


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