Gibby is thinking about, Why does God allow suffering?

God allows suffering to happen becauseĀ  He wanted to use his powers to stop bad from happening, but if you did that you would lose free choice. In order to be free you need to have the choice to be evil. We must be able to chose our life to be free. Suffering can Draw People To God: The suffering can force us to heal and deal with the problem, with this pain lots of people look for help, a solution somewhere, we find light after the suffering.

We live in a broken world, The world is broken because he wanted us to be able to choose, suffering has power, the pain is necessary to teach us things, and tell us to treat our pain. Christ comes down to help us out sometimes, but he will not fix the world. God allows suffering because God won’t rob us of your free will, we live in a broken world, and because suffering draws people to God. I agree with the video, it allowed me to understand why God allows me to feel pain. This quote doesn’t relate to religion but “Without the darkness, we wouldn’t see the stars,” but I believe this relates well to the topics. This video was easy to understand and informational.


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