Gibby Is Thinking About, How To Get Real Friends

God has made us for relationships, humans are equipped to be with others. We need to be with people, look at what happens when we get lonely (quarantine). I  Think that for real community with someone we need to be available, speaking as in that we must have time for someone. Seriously how could be ready to be in a relationship if we don’t have time. Secondly, we need venerability. This is what makes a relationship, we need those moments of venerability where we can act like ourselves to build up trust with someone. I guess one thing we truly need is carefree timelessness for the right people.

Father Mike has introduced us to how important community is for humans. We need that sense of belonging, that sense of nationalism. I think that chance to be venerable with someone is so so important because, that is when real connections are made. Trust will be earned and a beautiful relationship is born from it. The video says how humans are made for relationships, I think it’s funny because look at some of these examples. Isn’t it funny how we can hold hangs with someone else where our fingers interlock perfectly, or even a hug. Humans are made for others.

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