Gibby Is Thinking About, Why People Are So Annoying?

We all have pet peeves. We all get annoyed by things that really don’t matter much for example like, someone chewing with their mouth open, or someone whispering the Rosary in an Adoration chapel, which are two things that used to be pet peeves for Fr. Mike. However he learned how to forget about these petty annoyances. The Video makes us ask ourselves why we get so annoyed by such petty things? It’s because being annoyed is a choice.

Fr. Mike tells a quick story about prisoners of war in Vietnam. They were put in a really small cell where they were so close together they had to sleep touching each other. The prisoners came to an agreement that if they were annoyed by something another prisoner does, the one who is annoyed is the one at fault. This helped them rise about their situation. This story helps Father Mike explain his point a little bit better.

Father Mike tells us that there are four possible choices when you’re annoyed, choose to be annoyed, to rise above the annoyance, do something positive about it, say that the annoying person or thing sanctifies you. I personally get annoyed with people very easily especially when people can not keep their belongings clean but, maybe it should not matter to me because it is not any of my business.

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