Gibby Is Thinking About, Why People Are So Annoying?

We all have pet peeves. We all get annoyed by things that really don’t matter much for example like, someone chewing with their mouth open, or someone whispering the Rosary in an Adoration chapel, which are two things that used to be pet peeves for Fr. Mike. However he learned how to forget about these petty annoyances. The Video makes us ask ourselves why we get so annoyed by such petty things? It’s because being annoyed is a choice.

Fr. Mike tells a quick story about prisoners of war in Vietnam. They were put in a really small cell where they were so close together they had to sleep touching each other. The prisoners came to an agreement that if they were annoyed by something another prisoner does, the one who is annoyed is the one at fault. This helped them rise about their situation. This story helps Father Mike explain his point a little bit better.

Father Mike tells us that there are four possible choices when you’re annoyed, choose to be annoyed, to rise above the annoyance, do something positive about it, say that the annoying person or thing sanctifies you. I personally get annoyed with people very easily especially when people can not keep their belongings clean but, maybe it should not matter to me because it is not any of my business.

Gibby Is Thinking About, How To Get Real Friends

God has made us for relationships, humans are equipped to be with others. We need to be with people, look at what happens when we get lonely (quarantine). I  Think that for real community with someone we need to be available, speaking as in that we must have time for someone. Seriously how could be ready to be in a relationship if we don’t have time. Secondly, we need venerability. This is what makes a relationship, we need those moments of venerability where we can act like ourselves to build up trust with someone. I guess one thing we truly need is carefree timelessness for the right people.

Father Mike has introduced us to how important community is for humans. We need that sense of belonging, that sense of nationalism. I think that chance to be venerable with someone is so so important because, that is when real connections are made. Trust will be earned and a beautiful relationship is born from it. The video says how humans are made for relationships, I think it’s funny because look at some of these examples. Isn’t it funny how we can hold hangs with someone else where our fingers interlock perfectly, or even a hug. Humans are made for others.

Gibby is thinking about, Why does God allow suffering?

God allows suffering to happen because  He wanted to use his powers to stop bad from happening, but if you did that you would lose free choice. In order to be free you need to have the choice to be evil. We must be able to chose our life to be free. Suffering can Draw People To God: The suffering can force us to heal and deal with the problem, with this pain lots of people look for help, a solution somewhere, we find light after the suffering.

We live in a broken world, The world is broken because he wanted us to be able to choose, suffering has power, the pain is necessary to teach us things, and tell us to treat our pain. Christ comes down to help us out sometimes, but he will not fix the world. God allows suffering because God won’t rob us of your free will, we live in a broken world, and because suffering draws people to God. I agree with the video, it allowed me to understand why God allows me to feel pain. This quote doesn’t relate to religion but “Without the darkness, we wouldn’t see the stars,” but I believe this relates well to the topics. This video was easy to understand and informational.


Gibby is thinking about, Leaving Home

The thought of leaving home brings a strange mix of emotions along with it. Some factors that scare me are making new friends, being responsible for myself,  and the monsters under my new bed. Despite my fears I am excited to be able to make noise at night without getting yelled at, come home at the time I would like, and being able to decorate my own house or apartment. The idea of me leaving home in two years at 17 years old seems surreal the fact that I will be paying bills on my own, buying groceries, and sucking at being an adult. I still do feel a large amount of excitement form being able to do things I can’t do at home. I think the root of my fears comes from the fear of failure, the root of my anticipation comes from the desire to act grown up. I think honestly I will prepare by creating a specific plan of moving and productive things to do, during the stress I think I’ll connect with friend and watch a movie. leaving home is very scary, but everyone must grow up.


Gibby is thinking about, “Rutherford”

This scholarship was named after Alexander Rutherford, who had the significance of being Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. He was known for his strong support of public education, particularly the University of Alberta and his participation in community affairs. The scholarship consists of a certain amount of money that relates to your grades throughout high school.  For example  grade 10 Average of 75.0% to 79.9% in five courses – $300 Average of 80% or higher in five courses – $400, grade 11 $500-$800, grade 12 $700-$1300. All the classes you take and grades you get are put into your transcripts which are used to to double check  that you have met the standards. This cheque can be sent to anyone at all who has met the requirements. You can cash this cheque anytime you would like however, you can only cash it once.  This scholarship was made to recognize the academic achievements of students across Alberta.

Gibby is thinking about, Hobbies

My favourite hobbies include drawing, reading, and soccer. My personal favourite hobby is soccer, my motivation for this includes achievement, this is trophies, cheering fans, and medals. My second favourite hobby is reading, this hobby is correlated to relationships because most of the time I read self help books. Lastly, drawing, this has to do with support because when i show people my art work they compliment and support my art. My three hobbies directly correlate and feed to my motivation styles.

During this assignment I have realized how closely my hobbies correlate to my personal motivation factors. Playing soccer gives me me a sense of achievement, a form of recognition through cheering, trophies, medals. Reading books improves my outlook on relationships and gives me some alone time so that I can come back to hangout with friends refreshed and lots of times I’ll read a page that I can apply to my life, I find myself finding advice in reading. Through drawing I find a sense of support because when I create a work of art and show my friends they compliment it, they support my art. Not until now I’ve realized how much my hobbies feed my motivation factors.

Gibby is thinking about, Who Am I?

Who am I? The way I see myself is the confident, athletic, friendly, and funny one.  my personal mantra is “When you focus on the good, the good get’s better.”  I like to follow this because when I focus on everything good that happens, I find it hard to be sad.

My attitudes towards myself are quite positive except when it comes to performances (sports) or tests. I find I get stressed out about what other people think of me, that’s why I focus on the good about myself. My strengths include time management, art, sports, making people laugh, and staying positive.

A symbol that represents me is a rock, yes a rock, my friends tell me I give really good advice and when my friend is struggling the can know I’ll always be there for them.  My hopes and dreams are to graduate, have a car, go to college and just have fun while growing up. The thing I like most about myself is my ability to manage my own time, it’s very useful.

Recently I have been trying to not care about what other people think about me, I used to do this all the time and it really was stressful, it was like a bad habit. I have done well at getting rid of this habit.

Overall throughout the past few years, I have recognized what makes me unique, and what is similar between me and others. It has also been a journey with learning that God has a reason for everything good or bad. I have learned to put my trust in God and have faith.

Gibby is thinking about, Thank You Ma’am Response

Who is Langston Hughes? Langston Hughes is an American poet,  story writer, who was born on February 1, 1902, in Joplin, Missouri. I like how knowing how old he is and where he’s from tells us that at the time joined living homes were very common for people in poverty like the one in the story, and what timeline this story took place in, which is the inspiration for the story.

So now that we know who Langston Hughes is, I will introduce and summarize what happens to the characters in “Thank You, Ma’am”. First, we are introduced to a big woman with a large purse, we later find out that her name is Mrs.Luella Bates Washington Jones and that she used to live in poverty and now lives in a shared home. The next character is a small boy 14-15 years old who was wearing tennis shoes and blue jeans, named Rodger. Basically to sum up the main events of the story. Rodger tried to steal the large lady’s purse and it was so heavy that he fell right over. The large women spare Rodger no mercy until she realized that he was taking the money for a pair of shoes because he can’t afford them. Mrs. Luella took Rodger to her home and offered him a meal and a little lesson about stealing. Rodger leaves her house with ten dollars in hand, a life lesson, and a clean face.

In the first sentence of the story suggests the tone will be humorous what other aspects might suggest this? Off the bat, the story introduces the large woman character with having a large purse “with everything in it but hammer and nails”, this sets a comical tone as well as when she is shakings him in the air by t-shirt. This is proven because of none of the bystanders trying to intervene.

Despite the light tone, the story deals with a serious subject. Which details in the story tell you that the purpose of the story is more serious?  The serious undertone of the story is about poverty, this stands out when Rodger says that he didn’t mean to steal her purse, this part specifically made me ask a question in my head, “Did he take it to help at home?” The second part is where the large women after finding this part out are not mad, she understands him because she herself, in fact, was in poverty herself. She ended up giving him money, feeding him, and then sending him home.

Do you think that meeting Mrs. Jones will turn out to be a turning point in Roger’s life?  I one-hundred percent think that Rodger learned a real lesson, like that he can make lots of money if he works hard and never to steal because of other peoples stories.

The kindest thing I’ve ever done for someone I know is when I was at my  Cabin My mom started having a diabetic low,  me and my grandma are the only ones there, and I ran four cabins down in bare feet on garvel to find people to help us lift her.

This story is a lot about how poverty can affect people. I related it to what we are learning about in social, how the YCJA focuses of Rehablitaion of young offenders and that’s like how Rodger got taught a lesson and set him out on the right track.

Gibby is thinking about, being a Happy Camper

Problems teens face today consist of pressure from parents and community members to be the best, better then they were when they were young, all this stress to me can cause me to break down and do worse than normal. It’s not appropriate to say whats wrong with teens, we should be saying what’s   right about teens  today, teens are way more inclusive and willing to try things and so open to new people and their beliefs, this is a large advance from our parents generation for example women weren’t aloud to vote  until 1917 . teens today are in more trouble because of how social media can ruin a persons reputation really fast. I personally cannot think of a time I left the campsite better than how I found it but I should its easy to do, sometimes it can  be hard to think of something to do. Connect the dots to me means to bring everyone together and that we can’t be something without the different groups. I have had coaches and teachers that make me feel like they believe more in me than I do, example one is Dolly from soccer  always cheers for me and pushes me to be better  at keeper, he definitely invested a lot of time into making me the keeper I am today. My new defence partner in hockey was forward but she was very nervous to play defence and I definitely try to help her and she is actually really good.  To me a happy camper is someone who makes the best out of every situation and is always trying to lift others. I will know I am a happy camper when i see someone have their moment in the spotlight because of me.

Gibby is thinking about, Signs of Intelligence


Set G- Madison

Romans 7:14-23

Paul talks about himself and how he personally feels about what he has done. The pain he has caused causes him pain, however not physically mentally.


1 Corinthians 2:1-5

 Paul didn’t proclaim to them the word of God, he left it on the power of spirit.

2 Corinthians 12:7-10

This passage is representative of how we feel pain sometimes this is how God wants it When we feel pain we understand a different way of thinking. This helps us to understand God, power is made perfect in weakness.