The Tenth Commandment

People who are poor don’t have a lot. They might not even have a place to sleep, but in the Beatitudes, it says they are blessed. They suffer to get what they need to live. In heaven, they will suffer no more, they will have everything they need because of Jesus. The tenth Commandment tells us not to want what other people have, or be jealous of them. People who have enough and maybe even more, need to help other people in need and not be greedy with what they have. Be grateful that you have enough and give some of that to the people who really need it. You could donate clothes or shoes whatever else you have that someone else need more than you do. You could give money to a charity or go help at a soup kitchen. All this is great, but sometimes people have enough to live, but are poor in spirit. They might need someone to help them spiritually, to help them find God again, and believe in him.

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