If you find out what your top interests are, you might have an easier time choosing the courses you take in high school and university. My top subject area is computers, although, it got the same percentage as science which was the second subject area. My third subject area, according to the Knowledge survey on MyBlueprint, is languages. I’m not sure if the first one is right, but I am interested in how coding works and how computer programs are developed.  Some of the sciences, like chemistry, will be interesting for me to learn about.  I think I will really enjoy Physics when I take it in grade 11 or 12. Foreign languages would be helpful to understand, especially if I was faced with a situation with someone who couldn’t speak English. For example, my dad and I were in Canmore and a woman was trying to ask us to take a picture of her with the mountains in the background, but she was from Quebec and her English wasn’t very good.  It would have been helpful to be able to speak French to talk with her. It would also be very cool to be able to speak a language other than English. 

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