Commandments/Precepts of the Church

The Ten Commandments are very important in the Catholic Church, but there are some things that are more relevant now than they were when the Ten Commandments where written. The church made 5 more commandments, or precepts, that are more relevant now than they would have been in the time that the Ten Commandments. One of the Commandments of the church is to attend mass on Sunday and holy days of obligation. When Mosas got the Ten Commandments from God, they didn’t have mass because the Bible wasn’t written yet and the last supper hadn’t happened yet. If God had put that in the Ten Cammandments, people wouldn’t have known what that meant, and the might have miss-interpreted it.  Now we have mass and it’s relevant to the chuch. Another Precept says that we must recieve the Eucharist at least once durring the Easter season. This was could have ben made a Precept because, like I meantioned before, the last supper hadn’t occured yet and people didn’t have the Eucharist. Jesus hadn’t come yet and died in the cross, creating Easter. They did’t know that would happen and if God put that in the Tem Commandments, people would have been very confused.  I think the reason the church made these Precepts was because there are things that are relevent now that weren’t when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

The holy days of obligation celebrated in Vatican City are the Nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas), the Epiphany, the Ascension, the Body and Blood of Christ, Holy Mary Mother of God, her Immaculate conception, her assumption, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and All Saints day. Elsewhere, bishops can suppress some of the holy days of obligation, or move them to the nearest Sunday. In Canada, the only two holy days of obligation that may not be on a Sunday are Christmas and Mary Mother of God. Christmas always falls on December 25, and the solemnity of Mary the Mother of God is on January 1, this year it will fall on a Wednesday.

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