Visual Representation of My Favorite Poems

The Road Not Taken – By Robert Frost

I have always liked this poem. It is about the decisions we make in life and how they affect us. In the poem, it is saying how the person had a choice on which road to take. He wasn’t going anywhere specific, so he had a choice. He took the road he thought was less traveled and was happy with his decision. I imagine he had a good life, and later on, when he was older, he looked back on this decision. He came to the conclusion that picking that road made all the difference in his life. His life could have been something very, very, different had he taken the other road. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. I think this happens to us more than we are aware of. We make decisions every day. Sometimes, we make decisions that will affect our lives greatly, but it seems like a simple decision at the time. If we chose the other option, our lives would be different. Maybe not better or worse, but different.

Beethoven – By Shane Koyczan

I came across this poem recently, but I like it very much. It is a partial biography of Beethoven. He was a deaf pianist who came up with some famous compositions. The poem was about what his childhood was like. It tells of how his father was a drunk and wasn’t satisfied with how Beethoven was playing the piano. He thought he should be the best there ever was. The first quote would be relatable to some because they might feel like no matter what they do they are not good enough. They might actually be very good, but they keep thinking that they aren’t very good no matter what they do. I can relate to the second quote because I love music and playing the piano. I love how it feels to get the notes right and have a song completed. Like the music is something that is physically there.

Still I Rise – By Maya Angelou

I like this poem because of the general message it gives. The moral of the pome is that no matter what people say about you, no matter how much they push you down, you can always get back up and keep going. If you’re not hurting anyone by what you’re doing, I don’t think there would be a problem. Everyone is unique and different. We shouldn’t hide our differences, they make us who we are. If everyone was the same, life wouldn’t be very interesting. The speaker in this poem says that no matter what everyone says about her, no matter what they think, she will keep doing it. They push her down but she rises back up and doesn’t let it stop her from being who she is. I think that is a very important message. I think the picture I chose really goes well with this poem. The picture is of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Phoenixes are fictional creatures with an unusual life cycle. During a PhoenixÅ› life, they are reborn several times. When it gets old, the phoenix burst into flames. When the flames die down, the phoenix is reborn from the ashes. In my mind this poem is saying, no matter how many times they push you down and cover you with ashes, you can still rise up and carry on.

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