Time Travel

Unlike teleportation, I wouldn’t use time travel that much. I wouldn’t want to go back in time. I like the present time we are living in now. In the past women didn’t have very many rights and I would have a hard time being there and not telling them about the present. If time travel was available right now, the first thing I would do is go forward in time to when scientists came up with a way for safe, accurate human teleportation. Time travel wouldn’t make one move locations. The time traveler would stay in the same spot and either turn time forward or backward. If I did travel time, I wouldn’t go alone. I would go with someone who also wanted to do what I was planning on doing.

If time travel is ever invented in my lifetime, it will surely be after I graduate from university. I will probably go into a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field, and this would help me while trying to gain knowledge from the future. Firstly, when I got to the future Vermilion, I would ask around and see who invented safe teleportation. Then I would find out where they were. Since the future will surely have better and more efficient methods of transportation, I would go to the city where the scientist worked. In this scenario, teleportation is real, so theoretically, I could just teleport to the scientist’s lab but since I would be from the past in this world, I would have no idea how to teleport therefore I would use another method of travel to get there. After all, they would have to have other methods of transport. Not everyone would be able to use teleportation all the time. There would have to be rules and regulations for something this drastic. All along my trip to the future, I would take pictures and notes of all the new inventions I saw.

Once I got to the city, I would find the scientists and ask them about teleportation. My companion and I would ask how it works and how long it took them to figure it out. As long as they weren’t treating us like little kids who didn’t know anything, we would tell them about my situation. Hopefully, they wouldn’t think I was crazy. Since time travel would also be real in the future, one of my arguments as to why they shouldn’t think I was crazy would be that we just traveled from the past. That would be a more convincing story then than it would be now. Hopefully, the scientists would tell us how they did it. Since my traveling partner and I would already be somewhat knowledgeable about this topic, I think we could understand the basics of it. Once the scientists told us the basic formula and perhaps gave us something to prove what we had heard, we would thank them and leave. 

Even if the scientists didn’t give us what we asked for my friend and I wouldn’t be ready to go back to the present just yet. I would want to see if my theories about teleportation were true. If teleportation was accessible to the general public, there must be some form of anti-teleportation security systems. One couldn’t go teleporting in and out of buildings unchecked(especially private buildings and prisons). Another one of my theories is that there also must be a training course to teleport. One wouldn’t be born with the knowledge of how to teleport. Would there be an age restriction on teleporting? Would one have to get a license to teleport? Would there be specific teleportation zones or could one simply teleport anywhere they wanted? As you can tell, I have put quite a bit of thought into teleportation. If I was able to time travel to a time when teleportation was available, I would see if my theories were true or not. I would also want to see what kind of efficient, environment-friendly, energy source the people of the future thought up.

Overall, I wouldn’t use time travel a whole lot, but if I did, I would go to the future. I would go see how the brilliant scientists of the future figured out how to make teleportation possible. I would document all the new inventions I saw on my trip to share with the people in the present. I would convince these scientists that I wasn’t some crazy person who had no clue what she was talking about. Hopefully, I would get what I went for, but even if I didn’t, the trip would still have value. I would see all the rules of teleporting and which of my personal theories about it are true. Lastly, I would see what source of energy people of the future used. If time travel was real and teleportation wasn’t yet, I would use time travel to figure out how to make teleportation real as well.

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