My Dream House

My dream house would be amazing. Is wouldn’t be too big, but it would be the perfect place to be. I wouldn’t want to live alone, and my family would obviously live with me. My dream house would be wonderful for me to live in, but I hope it would also be good for the other people in my family. My house would definitely have a library and a good kitchen, among other things.

The first thing I think of when I picture my dream house is a wonderful library. This library wouldn’t be an ordinary library, it would be the best library ever. If magic was real, I’d say that my library would change the genre and type of books based on what I’m interested in at the time, but that’s impossible. In reality, my library would have a variety of books, and it would keep growing as I buy more books. It would have a high ceiling and a sliding ladder to get to the highest books. One wall would be almost all windows, so I’d have plenty of natural light for reading. The walls would be a dark red color, either maroon or burgundy. There would be comfortable chairs and couches, with warm blankets all around the room. I would have an open space by the door, with a table and some chairs, but there would also be chairs in between the bookshelves and scattered about the room. As you can probably tell, I have thought about this quite a bit, and my dream house would have to include this.

The perfect house would also have a fully functioning kitchen with all the tools and supplies I might need. I love baking and decorating cakes, but we don’t have many fancy tools. I have made a gravity-defying cake and a drip cake, both of which I had to improvise in some parts. If I had a kitchen like this, I would make so many cool cakes and have so much fun. I want to make a tiered cake, but I don’t have the right size of cake pans. I also like making other kinds of food. I like to experiment with different flavors. Once I was making chicken, and I decided to put dried mint leaves on it, just to see what it would taste like. I couldn’t really taste it though, so I don’t know if it would have been good. Sometimes when I start making something, I realize we don’t have all the ingredients we need. I have gotten pretty good at substituting ingredients if we don’t have any on hand. Having a good kitchen would fuel my creative side and I would make beautiful cakes and experiment with new flavours.

The location of my dream house would be hard to decide. I don’t think I’d want it right in a city, but it would be nice to love not far away from one. I like forests and nature but I wouldn’t want to live in a secluded corner of the world by myself. There would probably be quite a few windows because I’d rather have natural light than artificial light. I wouldn’t want to live by myself in a big house. I’d either want to have a smaller house (but that might not be possible because of the library) or I’d invite my friends to live with me.

Unlike the perfect car, I have thought about what the perfect house would have in it. Among other features, it would have a great library with all different genres of books. It would have comfortable chairs and maybe a fireplace. The perfect house would also have a fully equipped kitchen where I can experiment with mixing different food and make wonderful and delicious cakes.  I wouldn’t live right in the city, but close enough to get there easily.

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