Humans from the Perspective of a Tortoise

There was nothing in the world like sitting outside enjoying the weather, no matter what it is. As I sat outside, I tried to slow the thoughts in my head. Humans are always rushing around everywhere. They have places to go people to see. They never seemed to just take a moment to stop and think. Or even just enjoy the world around them and the people they meet. That’s the great thing about being a tortoise. I love that I don’t have to be anywhere. I am not made to be rushing around. Maybe tortoises are here to show humans that one doesn’t have to rush to be happy. And one doesn’t have to do everything they can. Not that they shouldn’t do what they can do, and if you have an opportunity to do something you’ve never done before, then take that opportunity if you want to and can. But the problem comes when everyone tries to do everything. If everyone is trying to do everything, no one is stopping to see what else is happening. It might even be the smallest or the most insignificant thing, the sky (not that the sky is small or insignificant, but people tend not to look up at it). I love the sky. The sky is a beautiful thing that a lot of people just don’t notice. It’s a huge thing that is very important, but I don’t think people realize how beautiful it is. Most of the time is it blue, and though it is blue, it isn’t always the same shade of blue. Sometimes it is light and has little wisps of clouds in it. Sometimes it is clear and a little darker blue. When the sky isn’t completely blue, it is streaked with reds, pinks, and yellows. Sunsets and sunrises are amazing. And nobody realizes this because they are all rushing about, always needing to be somewhere, always needing to do something. Even though I’m a tortoise who doesn’t know much about the human brain, I will say that from what I’ve seen, humans are going too fast. They are always looking at the end goal, what will happen at the end, and what they are aiming for. This can be good, but what about all the things that happen along the way? Humans can be so focused on what they are trying to do that they might not stop and look around. They might not see what they have already done, and how much they have accomplished. Maybe we all just need to stop and take a breath and look around once in a while.

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