Fr Joys first visit

Today Father Joy, our new priest came and introduced himself to us. He is a priest who took over for Father Roger who left last year. He is from India and he told us his story today. He has always had an interest in being a priest. Father Joy was given the choice to go be a priest in Germany but said no because he thought it would be too difficult to learn the language. He later was given the opportunity to be a priest in Edmonton at St. Tereasa and St. Thomas. After he was there he came to Vermilion to work at the Holy Name Of Jesus church. Father shared with us that more people live in his province of India than in Canada. He said that it is very crowded there and there are no empty lots like there are in Canada. The main resource in India is spices. education and health care are not free in India as opposed to here. The weather in India is almost always from twenty degrees Celcius to thirty degrees Celcius. He is from Kerala which is a province in India.

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