Commandments of the Church

From my understanding, these commandments are relevant to the catholic church. They are called the Commandments of the Church but they are also known as the Precepts of the Church. In modern times there are five of these commandments. The fourth commandment says You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church. This means that you should have abstinence from meat but that does not include fish. They all tell you some expectations of being Catholic.

  1. You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation and rest from servile labor
  2. You shall confess your sins at least once a year.
  3. You shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least once during the Easter season.
  4. You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church.
  5. You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church.

The holy days of obligation for 2019 are:

  • Tuesday, January.1st
  • Thursday, May 20th
  • Thursday, August 15th
  • Friday, November 1st
  • Monday, December 9th
  • Wednesday, December 25th


All of these days do not land on a Sunday.

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