The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

Have you ever heard of the famous greek philosopher Socrates? Well he gave humans the idea of questioning everything. Father Mike Schmitz also says to question everything. There are some questions that will really make you think and it is impossible today to find the truth to those questions. Some of these questions are a little creepy but also at the same time interesting. 

Technology has become a huge part of our lives in the last couple decades. There are times when it can get quite overwhelming after the constant use. It is very uncommon to see a person without a cell phone in their pocket or hands. With new smartphones and gaming systems coming out almost every month, it can be hard to say no to electronics sometimes. Technology seems to have become an addiction to people. If you asked someone to stay away from their phones for a weekend I would bet money they wouldn’t be able to. Our life patterns also involve technology. From alarm clocks to our stoves we use these things almost every single day. Don’t get me wrong though, technology has many great impacts on our lives. Think about having to cook all of your meals without technology, think of getting places without technology.  We all have to ask ourselves is does technology also put a lot of stress on our lives. We should also ask ourselves, do we control technology or does technology control us.

Can you doubt that you exist? This is a question that really involves some thinking. René Descartes, a french scientist and mathematician, believes that to find a truth you have to doubt or push away all other beliefs that you have and start from scratch. This means that you should question every belief you had and start new. But is it that easy to really doubt that you exist? A reason to believe that we do believe exist is because you are thinking about this right now. If you were to not exist how would you be thinking of that theory. Some interesting points have been noted on this by random people. Like what if we are just a group of thoughts at a time and potentially a different person than moments before. Or that we are dreaming from our eternal brain and we just keep dreaming over and over. These theories could possibly lead to the discovery of our existence.

Can computers think? Well in a way they can. Computers do whatever they were designed to do(so that means they do not have free will). In order to be able to think you have to have free will. The answer to this question on google is no they can not think but in a way they can. When you type something in your google browser or safari the computer has to think about what you said. People usually spell things wrong so the computer has to figure out what was said. The computer is programmed to do that but still in a way computers must be able to think somewhat.

These unsolved riddles I guess will not be explained any time soon but they are sure to make your mind stop and really think. From technology controlling us to computers being able to think it is hard to figure out the answers to the ussolved mysteries of existence.

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