Teleportation would be really cool. The place where I want to go the most is Vegas. Vegas is a city that is really cool. There is Flyboarding on Lake Las Vegas, a place where you can drive a dream car and there is the NHLs newest editions rink.

Lake Las Vegas is a really cool Lake. The beaches are not open to the public as they are owned by luxiorius clubs. However, you can still rent recreational water gear and a place to go but it costs a bit of money. If teleportation was real Flyboarding would definetly be somewhere where I would go.  If you have never heard or seen flyboarding it is where you are on a hoverboard thing that is attached to a hose. The board sprays water and it makes you float on the hose. You can do cool tricks while in the air but I imagine that it would be a challenge to stay up without practice.

Have you ever wanted to drive your dream car? Well if teleportation was real you would have the chance to. In Vegas there is a place called Drive Vegas Exotics where you can rent a car and get training from an expert and take it to a track. They have everything from Lamborghinis to Mercedes AMG GT R. It is like seven hundred dollars to drive five laps so it is very expensive but I would just teleport into a car already paid for.

The Vegas Golden Knights are the newest addistion to the NHL. They suprised the league making it to the Stanley Cup finals in their first year as a team. The most suprising thing was that pretty much all of their players were rejects from around the league. This brought a lot of hype to the city of Las Vegas. That is part of the reason that I want to go to T-Mobile arena. On Wednsday my favourite team the Edmonton Oilers play Vegas at T-Mobile arena. Thats where I would teleport.

It was a tough decision to pick because there are so many awesome places in the world but Vegas definetly caught my eye because of the awesome hockey,cars ,and water sports. Vegas would be where I would teleport.


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