Time Travel

It would be really cool if time travel was a real thing.  When or if it ever is I would definatily go back to Jan.18,2017 to watch the Oilers vs Panthers. I went with my dad and we sat in fancier seats. There were one hundred people in our area and we had our own private washrooms. Before the game started we got supper which was catered for the people in those seats.

During the first period Conner Mcdavid passed to Zach Kassian who scored. I remember the arena being so loud I had to cover my ears. Yet again in the first period Conner Mcdavid passed to Mark Letestu making it 2-0 for the Oilers.  Late in the period Panthers Jussi Jokinen got s goal. At 1:33 left in the first the Panthers scored another goal to tie it up. At the first intermission we got some snacks that were set out on a table from the caterers. The second period was kind of boring because nobody scored but I still had fun because I love watching hockey. At the second intermission we got desserts but I was too stuffed from the supper and snacks to have any.

In the third period each tema got a goal sending it to overtime. In overtime Conner Mcdavid went on a breakaway did a fancy move and then scored. The goal was challenged because the goalie caught it in his glove but his glove looked like it was in the net. After the refs reveiwed the play they called it a good goal and the building went crazy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

This was probably the funnest game that I have ever been to and I really would like to go back to it.

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