Dream House

There are many big, fancy, and amazing houses in the world. Sure I would like to live in one of those but honestly cleaning that thing would be hard and I really don’t want to pay a maid to clean my mess. There are smaller houses that would be good for three people and they are pretty fancy.

I would want my house by a lake so that it is really quiet and peaceful. A lake that I would really want my house to be at would be Lake Tahoe which is located between Calafornia and Nevada who both share its shoreline. It is crystal clear so you can see right to the bottom. I would love to wake up every day and go for a swim in that lake.

The inside of my house would have a living room,three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, two bathrooms ( one in the master bedroom), and a few storage closets. All of the counters would be white marble and the cuboards would be painted white. All of the appliances would be white as well. All of the furniture( beds, couches, dressers, nightstands, tables, and coffe tables) would be white as well. The floor would look like wood and it would be gray.

On the outside all of the doors would be glass and the deck would just be made from wood. there would be a small pool and hotub in the front yard with a couple of lawn chairs. I would have a shop in the back to keep my boats, quads, and dirt bikes. I woul also have a sea-doo. In the back by the shop I would have a fireplace.

This is what my dream house would look like. I would have lots of white because when the light shines in through the windows it doesn’t show all of the dust as much as the darker colors do.

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